Look & Lounge.

Planning an upcoming event but have no idea where to start? Know you need tables and chairs but had no clue there were so many options? Torn between color schemes and want to see things on display? Our showroom is waiting for you!

*Please keep in mind that our showroom is by appointment only– feel free to call our office today to make your appointment!

eC04qtm2zpmMjADmfJgQibhrwgtai5XXePax3vzfZKY,4sPe2Playli6nHH8yiTbZvHaeMp-Ig8PSDv7BW1MK7U,SrMXPth7jjZeEWH3KZm6glrT53Ux86bhwY1nGAef7tUIf hanging out on our comfy white lounge furniture isn’t enough, we’ve put together a list of the top three reasons we think you should stop by:


Reason 1- See our products in person

Know exactly what you are getting when you see our products in person. The upkeep of our products is important to us and we want you to know you are getting the very best quality. We showcase the majority of our smaller products including chairs, charger plates, and decor so if you’re stuck between color options you have the freedom to mix and match different styles to figure out exactly what you want!

Reason 2- Time to talk with a rental specialist

You’ll have one on one time to sit and chat with one of our event consultants during your appointment to assure we know exactly what you want. Our consultants will walk you through the rental process and help you with deciding what products would be best for you!

Reason 3- Peace of mind7ZSd5FVdSxDLvzj2XwWXpvYVQmOSA6fkCCjNkNs9LlI,5ABUyqQrlK8JNsHnW3EDV0Mc7K8QeYUoomOfMEFh-uw,UqY1D3ebeYBjb9cgBkrrFElTcETf2R9QB6DaGGKEvT0

After visiting our showroom you’ll leave with peace of mind that your rentals will be only top quality and your event is in the hands of professionals. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality service and experience possible and are prepared to exceed your expectations!

Call our office at


to make your appointment!

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