Our Mission

We specialize in tailored event rentals and superior customer service, Our passion is to deliver exceptional products with an unforgettable experience- one event at a time.

Our Vision

Setting the Standard as a Reliable Solution in the Event Rental Industry.



At our core: we’re family. Manning the helm, is husband-and-wife duo, Cyndi & Darrin. Back in 2008, they sought to make the rental process easier. Having been in the events industry for quite some time, they noticed that the process was complicated and the product collections were stagnated.

For over a decade, our team has worked together with you in mind. Making sure to arrive on time with our impeccable items in tow, and responding to your questions faster than you can ask them – just to name a few. Behind the scenes, we are consistently updating our inventory to include items that meet the trends of today, and the trends of tomorrow.

Our daily mission is to provide you with superior event rentals that’ll bring your event to life, and customer service that honors your time & excitement. We understand how intense the event planning process can be, plus it’s not every day you’re having to rent furniture! Our professional team of event rental experts is here to lend a helping hand and guide you from inquiry to booking with intentional recommendations & helpful tips so that you’re confident with your selections.

We’re known to crack jokes (at least we think we’re funny), celebrate fun-but-random holidays in our office, gush over event photos, and give American-Idol-worthy performances while we work.

If you like what we’re about, join the #OWPRSquad by beginning your journey on our Products Page!


Cyndi S, Owner & President

This southern gal is truly the hub of our operation. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Cyndi cares for her employees & business, alike. She makes sure that all company operations are running smoothly, and she’ll make sure you’re having a great day– if you’re not, Cyndi will be sure to bring her pup, PJ, to the office. Prior to starting OWPR back in 2008, Cyndi used to teach piano, proving she’s a dynamo that can sport many hats. And boy does she!

On a daily basis Cyndi is either overseeing weekly operations, ordering supplies, planning for new products, attending an industry event, or honestly, some combination of all the above. Cyndi’s true love, aside from her husband and two children, is chocolate! So, with the bits of free-time she carves out for herself, she likes to hang with her gal-pals and sample the latest restaurants & their desserts, exercise with her dog in tow, and travel around the globe.

Darrin S, Owner & Vice-President

The wizard behind the curtain; Darrin handles OWPR’s business development and sales team. It’s a rare sight to see him out at an event, but that’s because he’s putting his nose to the grindstone, searching for new items to add to OWPR’s collection. To keep our collection fresh, Darrin keeps up with the industry’s trends and the needs of our vendors. Therefore, allowing us to offer our clients unique event rentals that give their events flair & personality!

When he’s not treasure hunting for the next great furniture piece, or putting together a personalized quote request, he’s watching the Yankees dominate the field, and playing with his dog, PJ – affectionately named after Pearl Jam (Darrin’s true love, second only to his wife and children, of course).

Brittney B, Event Consultant

Brittney is among OWPR’s first team of employees, making her an OG. She’s seen it all– our growth, three or so offices, and the ever-changing trends of the events industry. Brittney graduated from UCF with a degree in Event Management. Today, she uses her schooling & years of industry experience to provide clients with a personalized experience composed of thoughtful suggestions, extensive product knowledge, efficient & organized booking– just to name a few!

Among her many achievements, Brittney was recently inducted as the President of the Orlando NACE Chapter! It’s an honor to work with a celebrity… 😉 Now, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that this girl hails from Buffalo, NY and loves all things ‘Buffalo, NY’. Even people. So if you’re from that area, consider yourself Brittney’s new BFF. Bonus points if you love cute coffee shops as much as she does!

Warehouse Manager
Ron G, Operations Manager

He may look tough, but deep down, Ron is a teddy bear. Don’t tell him we told you that! Ron’s tenure in the operations field has given him the psychic ability to pack a truck in his sleep. His transit skills have put procedures in place to ensure our items are cared for from the time they leave our warehouse, to the time they arrive at your event — thus, keeping our promise of high-quality event rentals. Like our other team members, Ron’s number one goal is to go above & beyond for our clients. This work ethic translates to his personal life, as he consistently practices his guitar while making time for his family.

Christine N, Office Manager

Christine is our office’s mover & shaker — she handles a lot of our orders and front office operations. Don’t be surprised if you stop by and see her collecting food from an Uber Eats driver. That’s just, Christine! Her quirks, her witty humor, her love for Lord of the Rings, and her five years of events industry experience bring a certain je ne sais quoi to our team and we love her for it. Having graduated from UCF with degrees in Event Management & Mass Communications, Christine ensures that our clients receive top-notch service throughout the booking process. Also, while you’re reading this, there’s a good chance she just ordered Uber Eats and is watching Lord of the Rings…

Molly B, Office Support Specialist

Molly comes with 10+ years of experience in the hospitality industry with a degree in Event Management from the University of Central Florida. A lover of to-do lists and sushi, she and her hubby, Dave, are big-time foodies. Being a self-proclaimed Pinterest Mom to a beautiful baby girl named Madelyn, Molly is always crafting some kind of masterpiece when she’s not at work! And we can’t forget spending time with her adorable dog named Ted! She is an absolute ray of sunshine in the office- we love having her on the team.

Madeline Cox, Office Assistant

Madeline is a brand new Rosen College grad, bringing a wealth of cutting edge hospitality research and knowledge to the OWPR team. Before coming to OWPR, she worked as a florist for two years so our girl has a design eye! You can often find her doing showroom appointments where she puts together tablescapes with our latest and greatest products! Although Madeline is originally a ‘bama girl, Orlando has made her a theme park junkie. She has annual passes to both Disney and Universal! When she’s not making our clients’ dreams come true you can find her thrifting at vintage shops for some new digs.

Olivia R, Event Sales Assistant

Olivia is the newest member to OWPR! She is seeking a degree in Event Management and a Marketing minor from the University of Central Florida. Before joining the OWPR Team, Olivia accumulated a ton of volunteer experience in the wedding industry. She even holds the title of Vice-President for the Association of Bridal Consultants – Our girl is a leader! You can find Olivia finalizing details for our couples’ big day or out and about representing OWPR at industry events. Originally from Belgium, Olivia can probably tell you a thing or two about what makes a good waffle. She spends a ton of time on outdoor adventures with her friends and my family and is the proud mama of two awesome kitties!



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