3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Working With Preferred Vendors!

Clear Tent setup at the Art & History Museums-Maitland done by us! 🙂

By now, it’s likely that you’ve come across the phrase “Preferred Vendors” during your event planning journey. A “Preferred Vendor” is a company who has been vetted by another and has obtained that coveted ‘seal of approval.’ In summary, the vendor search has been done for you! 

While it might seem “limiting” to have a strict, or exclusive, list of options (in some cases), it actually saves you time and here’s why:

Shortlist of “A-Team” Vendors

A majority of companies you’re looking to book services through will have a shortlist of vendors they love working with because they know that those vendors are the bee’s knees! This ‘shortlist’ typically includes vendors of various services, thus providing you with a time-saving checklist of vendors to reach out to. Also, preferred lists of vendors can spotlight companies & services (small businesses for the win!) you may not have thought about, or known about.

Easy-Breezy Results

The preferred vendors that a company recommends come after having worked on multiple, successful projects. Therefore, they know how each other functions- resulting in a partnership that fosters “ease of operation.” They’ll know what questions to ask, products to recommend, and more!

Reduced Risk

Much like the aforementioned tip, ‘familiarity’ can lead to reduced risk. In central Florida, we’re lucky to have a healthy list of historic venues to choose from. A company who’s familiar with the property can use that knowledge to safely deliver items / carry out their service while preserving the space for future visitors & events! This applies to more than just historic venues though! Damages to properties of all ages are costly and can potentially sour vendor relationships, as well as, the event itself.

Timelapse video done by us!
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