We are thrilled to feature In Bloom Florist as our Trendy Vendy this week! In Bloom Florist is a family owned and operated florist located in Central Florida. With stores in Orlando and Heathrow/Lake Mary, they deliver to most of Central Florida. As a team, In Bloom Florist continues to exceed the expectations of their customers. We feel so privileged to work with a company like In Bloom, who’s level of extraordinary customer service and expertise sets them apart from the rest.

We had the opportunity to interview Janessa, the Director of Marketing at In Bloom. In our interview, Janessa shared everything from the heartwarming story behind the company, how they keep up with the latest trends, and everything in between!

In Bloom is a family owned and operated business. How cool! Can you tell us a little bit about that and the history behind In Bloom?

Yes, we are very proud to be family owned! In Bloom Florist has been owned and operated by native Orlandoan, John Kobylinski, and his wife Sally for more than 25 years. Flowers and plants have always had roots in John’s heart. He studied horticulture in college and started working at a local flower shop when he was 22. Sally grew-up in a family that was prominent in the floral industry in upstate New York for 2 generations. John & Sally met when she went to pick up her sister’s bridal floral from him at his local shop here in Orlando during Valentine’s Day weekend… could that story be any sweeter?

What sets In Bloom apart?

John has an innate ability to resolve any issue and go above and beyond for every customer. In a tough industry full of trend chasing, it can be challenging to find your voice in this business. But with In Bloom, John has found a way to remain true to the authentic foundation the shop is built on, while still showcasing their tailored, turn-key capabilities from each department. We are repositioning ourselves as a “Haute with Heart” design shop. We have the talent and the passion without the fuss! They are a local, family-run business first, but also understand the importance of global ideas and an expansive reach. GOTTA LOVE THAT COMBO!

“Offering savvy customers the freshest flowers with exceptional service… one bloom at a time.”

How long has In Bloom been in business?

25+ years, however, John has worked in floral for almost 40 years. Along with Sally’s familial history, the Kobylinski’s are now 5 generations strong in the floral game! In addition to that, our collective experience behind the design bench adds up to more than 240 years of design know-how and innovation.

What do you love most about working in the wedding industry?

We are family-run and love witnessing the growth of any family and creating personal stories behind every detail selected for each individual we work with. Our strategy is creating a narrative within the floral experience. Love is always in the air at In Bloom Florist. From the beautifully understated event to the most elaborate of designs, our events department has been helping couples build their floral visions for more than 10 years.

“In the end, it’s all about our couple’s vision and their story behind the flowers!”

How does In Bloom keep up with the latest trends in floral designs?

On a daily basis, we are all just trying to keep up with John and Sally’s innovative mindset! Floral is everywhere; fashion, art, music, pop-culture… we are listening to all of those channels. We actively pursue community trend-setters within all of those avenues to ensure we are prepared to align with a developing trend in the most organic way possible. John has fine-tuned his business model to have access to a larger variety and better quality of product than ever before. We showcase our designers creations on our Instagram feed and partner with industry innovators to challenge us to create more complex and thoughtful floral experiences. In addition to our amazing designers, we are blessed to have a strong behind-the-scenes team. Both of our lead event coordinators are the sweetest and most fearless ladies in town. They love what they do and will find a way to get any request executed beautifully! They are completely tuned into forecasting bridal trends and are well versed in what is happening within the marketplace.

What’s new with In Bloom?

Most recently we partnered with Solutions Bridal & Cat Lemus for two very different bridal marketing campaigns. These were perfect opportunities for us to display our forecasting capabilities regarding color trends, texture techniques and floral selection.

The In Bloom team is made up of…

Our in-house marketing team is a collection of professionals from the floral, beauty, fashion, entertainment and restaurant industries. All of these perspectives help to drive the quirky nature that is In Bloom Florist. Above all, we are surrounded by a team of designers that are the toughest broads and gents in the game. With ultimate vision and support from our lead designer, Erin, we like to think that we are growing into the local shop to watch. But the truth is we’ve always been here, quietly growing and servicing our clientele while focusing on what we love the most, customer service.

Check out some of In Bloom’s amazing work, featured in real weddings and styled shoots:

Photo courtesy of Claire Pacelli Photography.
Photo courtesy of Jorge Suarez Photography.
Photo courtesy of Jorge Suarez Photography.
Photo courtesy of Kathy Thomas Photography.
Photo courtesy of Cat Lemus Photography.

Website: inbloomflorist.com

Blog: inbloomflorist.com/blog

Facebook: www.facebook.com/InBloomFlorist/

Instagram: @inbloomflorist

Twitter: @InBloomFlorist

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