Ding, ding! It’s time for another round of Trendy Vendy! We had the opportunity to chat with Katie of Basic Invite and we talked about all things stationery and how Basic Invite got their start. Let’s be real, we’re suckers for pretty stationery! At Basic Invite, there’s tons of gorgeous options available for any ‘stationery loving heart.’ Continue reading for a behind the curtain look at the company’s founding and how they see the world through the lens of script and paper!




How did you get your start?

Basic Invite started after the owner was shopping for wedding invitations and realized there just weren’t that many options and the options that were available, were as is. Wishing he had more choices and customization options for his invitations he decided to give that to others, going on to start Basic Invite.


What services do you offer?

We carry invitations and announcements for every major life moment. From baby shower invitations and birth announcements to wedding invitations and personal stationery products. We carry 100’s of wedding invitation designs and offer almost endless customization options.

We offer 180+ color choices, 100 different fonts, 40 envelope colors, 5 paper types, 4 card cuts, and the option to customize each element of every design. Our unique instant preview technology allows customers to view their changes immediately making the design process that much easier. Our customer service team is there to help make edits and suggestions and we offer custom samples.


What stationery/ paper items should every couple get for their wedding?

We always suggest our couples get a full wedding suite with enclosure cards and a pocket envelope. Our wedding suites consist of a wedding invitations up to 5 enclosure cards, and a pocket envelope to house everything perfectly. Wedding invitations are a must, but enclosure card recommendations are made on a case by case basis. Usually a couple will include an rsvp, direction card, accommodation card, reception card, and a registry card.

This all depends upon the size of the wedding, the set up of the ceremony and reception, if a couple is including a registry, etc. Every couple’s needs are different. If a full wedding suite seems like a bit much always go with the basics: wedding invitation, rsvp, and a single enclosure card that includes all pertinent information not already included on the invitation.

Save the dates are always a good call as well!








How do you keep up with the latest paper/ stationery trends?

We really pay attention to what is going on in the world around us and we keep an eye on which designs our customers seem to be choosing the most. If there is a style trending in another facet of design such has home decor trends it usually carries over to our purposes and we work hard to get those trends added to our collection.

We think it’s just as important to always have timeless design options as it is to have trending innovative options.


What sets you apart from other stationery companies?

The amount of customization options we offer like our 180 custom colors, our unique instant preview technology, and our custom samples. All of these options in addition to the flexibility of being an online company really gives us an edge.


What advice would you give couples during the design process of their stationery?

We offer a service called review instructions where a designer will proof your card, make changes, offer wording suggestions and color adjustments that couples may not be aware of. This is something we suggest each of our couples takes advantage of so that you get the best invitation you can imagine.

We also offer resources on our website like wedding etiquette and wording examples for every situation imaginable. So, when in doubt check those out! Customers can find links to these pages under our resources at the bottom of our web page.

And when it comes down to it, be yourself! Let your individual style shine through. There are so many designs and colors that the options for a truly custom invitation are endless. Have fun with it!


What’s your favorite product/ design available at Basic Invite?

We have so much that it’s hard to choose! We just released our Clear Collection which are invitations made from clear vinyl stock printed with bright white ink that are so gorgeous! Our foil collection is a classic choice too. We have foil designs available in gold, silver, and rose gold!







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