Interview with Arthur’s Catering: Market Carts and Smoking Jackets

Arthur’s Catering brought the heat- literally!

We recently had a very special, LIVE edition of #WarehouseWednesday where our Market Carts made their big debut. Arthur’s Catering came by and showed us how you can use this cart as a specialty drink station. The drink of choice: The Smoking Jacket! *ooooh & ahhhhs all around* We loved seeing the fire and smoke- plus the drink was sooo tasty!

We took this opportunity to ask some of Arthur’s team members, a few catering questions! Katie, an Event Designer at Arthur’s Catering, answered all of our curiosities while Michael Lowen made us the specialty ‘Smoking Jackets’.


Let’s get to it!


Kelly: What is a Smoking Jacket?

Katie: A Smoking Jacket is our version of an Old Fashioned. We hit [an orange peel with some flames] on the cedar plank, so we get a smoky flavor. Instead of sugar, we sweeten it with maple syrup, some fresh squeezed orange juice, and some bourbon!


Kelly: What are some other ways clients can use these market carts?

Katie: This is a great size for a dessert station. Right now we’re utilizing it as a beverage bar and there is plenty of space for our staff to stand behind! You can turn it into a 360-degree station with a whole bunch of desserts, different levels… there is plenty of room on this station!


Kelly: What is your favorite part of your job?

Katie: Every single day is different. One day you’re in a warehouse creating Smoking Jackets. Another day your at an airport putting together a huge event. Then another day you’re putting together a gorgeous wedding. Every day is different!


Kelly: What sets Arthur’s apart from other caterers?

Katie: I would say it’s our staff! We’re going on our 30th anniversary next year and we’ve had staff here almost the entire time! 25+ years… I think Charlie’s on 28 years!! Plus our service staff… they’re amazing and it’s what keeps our clients coming back time and time again.


Kelly: What is your favorite item?

Katie: My favorite, I think, is the Hoke Poke station. Carved, fresh ahi tuna. Guests get to pick all these delicious toppings to add to it and create their own poke bowl.

Michael: The Avocado Bar station!!



Kelly: What are some unique food and drink offerings?

Katie:This [Smoking Jacket] is definitely one of our most unique ones. It pairs perfectly with a Bison Burger that we do…. Sometimes we do a little buffalo in there with our Buffalo Chicken Meatballs and a Blue Cheese Celery Fondue. The Hoke Poke is really unique as well as the Avocado Bar. All-time favorite though is going to have to be, Flaming Donuts! It doesn’t get more unique than that!


Kelly: How do accommodate guests with dietary restrictions?  

Katie: We work really close with our culinary team. Our executive chef has created some incredible dishes that hit all of the common restrictions. For example, the Avocado Bar. You could be vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free; it all depends on how you make it! If your menu is not compatible with that, we’ll do separate plated entrees for those guests and deliver it right to their table!


Kelly: How far in advance should you book a caterer for an event?

Katie: The sooner the better! We don’t overbook ourselves because we want each customer to get the best experience. I would say a minimum of six months out but usually, a year out especially if you’re planning a wedding and you have that date in mind.


Kelly: When should guest counts be finalized for an event?

Katie: In an ideal world, 30 days out would be perfect. We have a lot of our operations meetings two to three weeks out. That’s really crunch time for guest counts.


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Catering: Arthur’s Catering

Photography: Arthur’s Catering


Bright And Dreamy Casa Feliz Wedding


The vision Steffi and Elliot imagined for their big day came together beautifully. The neutral and airy reception space looked beautiful against the romantic and historic Casa Feliz.


The whole look formed perfectly under a beautiful, clear tent. They added draping which took this tent from a 10 to an 11. Yeah, it’s possible. The cherry on top was the market lighting. During the day it added a soft luminous touch. After the sunset, Gleaming and glowing, the lights kept the tent bright and picture perfect.

The colors Steffi and Elliot chose were equally timeless and modern.  Since the tent had large amounts of white draping, the white linens tied everything together. The tables were arranged in a way that framed the space nicely. Adding greenery atop the long tables elongated the space even further. The remarkable red bricks of Casa Feliz acted as a pop of color! The decision to keep it simple, elevated the look of the event. You can’t go wrong with neutrals and earth tones!





Vendor Team:

Photo- The Hornes

Planning and Coordination- Envy Lifestyle & Event Design

Venue- Casa Feliz

Catering- Arthur’s Catering

Cake- Se7en Bites

DJ- Our DJ Rocks

Florist – Little Wild Bloom

Draping- Swag Decor

Videography- All in White

Guitarist- Scotty Long Acoustic Music 

Hair & Makeup- Alchemy Hair Salon



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5 Creative Ways to Use a Donut Wall

Thinking Outside of the ~Pink~ Box 

We LOVE a good donut: boston creme, maple, glazed, powdered… we could go on. These sugary snacks are just one reason we love donut walls. You’ve probably seen them all over Pinterest. So we thought of some new, creative ways to use these fun, dessert displays!

1. Bagels

  • They’re super similar to donuts in terms of shape, so they look awesome on the display board! A bagel wall pairs perfectly with a coffee bar at a late night reception or post wedding brunch. YUM!

2. Coffee

  • Did someone say coffee? After a long night of dancing, your guests deserve some delicious caffenation. Rent some mugs or DIY your wedding emblem on some thrift store finds. Place the mugs on the pegs and display next to the coffee station.

          P.S. If you’re guests aren’t caffeine fiends, opt for a tea station!

3. Candy Cane Seating Chart

  • Is your wedding during the most wonderful time of the year? If you’re feeling merry and bright,  try incorporating some Christmas traditions into your wedding day. Take a candy cane and tie a little ribbon with the guests name and table number. Hang each candy cane from a peg. VOILA! When your guests go to find their seat… they’re greeted with a treat.

4. Hanging Plant Favors

  • Give a gift that keeps on growing! We’re talking plants: succulents, cacti, or flowers! Plants are an amazing gift because they’re the perfect mix of decorative and utilitarian. Find a dangling pot, or DIY a fun macrame pot holder and hang it from the peg. Ba-da-bing ba-da-blossom.

5. Shot Seating Chart

  • Take a shot and have a seat is our motto for this one! This seating chart is perfect for the couple who wants their wedding to be a big party! First, find a shot glass with a fun little handle (if you want to pre-fill it with spirits– find some lids too). Second, create a fun, little paper sign to display your guest’s name and attached it to the handle/glass. Lastly, hang them from the pegs and get ready to parrtayyy.


Until the big day approaches, use this blog as an excuse to treat yourself. Grab a donut tomorrow morning (or like, right now)… you deserve it.

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To Tent or Not to Tent

Important factors to consider for your Florida wedding


Getting a tent for your wedding might seem like a clear decision or it may have never crossed your mind. Either way, at OWPR, we have some strong opinions about the importance of tents. We have 10 years of expertise in dealing with outdoor weddings. These experiences have led us to see the good, the bad and the ugly. With that being said, we are altogether pro-tent.

And so, here are four compelling reasons why you should consider a tent for your wedding day:

We live in Florida.

  • Outdoor weddings are stunning and provide a distinct atmosphere compared to an indoor wedding. With that being said, Florida is known for its warm… well let’s be honest, hot weather. A tent can provide barrier from the direct sunlight. This elegant shelter keeps it cool, without tragically changing everything you’ve imagined for your wedding day. Consider adding on cooling units and fans to provide relief for those dog days of summer.

YEAH, it’s Florida.

  • We all know the weather is unpredictable here in the Sunshine state. We’ve seen it a million times: a perfect day turns quickly into monsoon season without warning. If you’re superstitious, rain on your wedding day is great! But, if not everyone feels like singing in the rain.. Keeping a tent on the rental back-burner may just save you and your guests from a fortuitous downpour.

They create a happy medium.

  • If you’ve been on Pinterest recently, you’ve seen the hot trends: dangling greenery/florals, hanging lights/chandeliers, and  swooped drapery. They’re usually limited to use in an indoor space. With a tent, these mostly indoor decor items become possible outdoors! Tents create the perfect happy medium between an indoor and an outdoor space.

They’re a perfect backdrop!

  • We may be biased, but we think tents are a stunning addition to a wedding. If you’re excited for all the wedding photos then you should know that tents are extremely photogenic. Take a look in our product photo gallery to see how people, furniture and decor all come alive under the big-top.

Yes, there are a million pinterest-y (yup, that’s an adjective around here) decor items to turn your tent into a dream. Here are some handy-dandy items we believe make a tent a TEN outta ten.

  • Chandeliers and market lights add some necessary luminosity to the night.
  • Portable cooling units and Outdoor space heaters keep your tent at a comfortable temperature.
  • Restroom trailers that are equipped with all of the comforts of home.  Private residences and some outdoor venues don’t always have the necessary facilities to conduct a lot of business.
  • Tent flooring can give your Jimmy Choo’s some stability that even Miranda Priestly would approve of.



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