Lee Forrest Design Takes on Our Infinity Arch

Transforming our Infinity Arch with new shelves!



We recently went on our Instagram Live with our friend Lee Forrest. He took our Infinity Arch and made a beautiful ceremony backdrop. THEN— he added the new Infinity Arch Shelves and transformed that same ceremony backdrop into a gorgeous reception decor piece! It ’s a twofer that we give two thumbs up. Throughout the segment, we asked him a few questions. If you missed the LIVE video, don’t worry- we got you. Here’s the interview and a little peek into the mind of this floral genius!


What do you love most about your job?

“I love the interaction with the brides and the grooms- working with the creative ideas everyone has. I don’t work in a typical office where it’s a computer screen and a cubicle. I’m in a different location every week, I’m working with different people… sometimes we’re inside, sometimes we’re outside. I really love that I have so much variety in what I do!”


How would you describe your creative process?

“Just whatever comes to me in the moment. Sometimes I sleep on things, sometimes things come to me in my dreams- believe it or not! [I could even] be out drinking with friends; My friend Cathie and I love getting together and coming up with crazy ideas. Sometimes I’ll be driving and I’ll see something random on the side of the road! Inspiration comes TO you!”


Do you have a favorite flower or plant you like to keep in your home?

“I actually don’t keep a lot of plants in my own home. Even though I love designing, I work with them all day long. The last thing I want to do is go home to MORE flowers. Also, I’m not good at keeping things alive! Everything I work with has already been cut.

My favorite flower though- would have to be a white Casablanca lily!”


What’s your go-to coffee order?

“I usually drink hot tea in the morning but when I do drink coffee, I always go for a cappuccino grande. That’s good stuff and keeps me awake for hours!”


When we think of wedding flowers, we usually think of bouquets and centerpieces. What are some other places we can add florals too?

“Obviously the ceremony is a major part of your day, so anything you put in the ceremony will be spectacular!”


Do you ever have a couple that has no idea what they want for their wedding, how do you go about that?

“Occasionally I do. I always like to get inside their heads and find out what their favorite colors are. It’s kind of hard to plan your flowers without that. I also get a feel for their personality and if they like more modern or more traditional, more over-the-top or if they like very simple. It’s just a process of getting to know the couple and kind of pulling it out of them. Then based on that, I can kind of create something and pitch ideas at them.”


What are you forecasting for the floral trend of 2019?

“I am hoping to see a lot more color. As beautiful as it is: white, champagne and blush, have been around for a little while now. We just did a wedding a couple weeks ago where the bride did hot bright Florida colors: bright corals, bright golds, bright oranges, hot pinks, and fuchsias. It was freaking phenomenal! Everyone that walked in the room was like ‘I am so happy to see COLOR’.

When the Pantone Color of the year is released in December, I think that will set a lot of the color standards for next year. From then, we’ll see the new trends. I think we’ll see a lot of greenery still. Greenery is very organic. It compliments all the other colors that we work with. Using more greenery in your arrangements, rather than flowers, actually helps with cost. Greenery is not free, but it is more cost-effective than doing nothing but flowers and no greenery.”


Do you have anything else you want to tell the engaged couples of the world?

“Have fun with your wedding! This is your one special day but at the same time, it’s about you and your fiance. Just have fun with it. Don’t stress out over the little details. Everything will fall into place… The important thing is that you are with each other.”



Vendors: Lee Forrest Design

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6 Ways to Incorporate Your Florida Heritage Into Your Big Day

Yes, oranges are somewhat involved.

Whether you’re a Florida native or you made Florida your home later in life, there are a lot of fun ways you can incorporate the sunshine state into your big day!


1. Native Plants


Whether it’s a flower you had in your backyard as a kid or your favorite garden shrubs in your current yard, adding some native Florida plants will surely tie in your roots.


2. Sports & Colleges

Maybe you met your S.O. at a sporting event or while sitting in a lecture hall at school, or maybe you watch every single game together- either way, you can totally incorporate that history and love into your big day! We know you own a ton of their apparel… Wear it as your getting ready attire for some unique and sentimental wedding photos you’ll always adore.


3. Paper Goods


Table numbers, seating charts, invitations, oh my!


4. Theme Park Inspo


We live in the land of roller-coaster rides and magical castles. If you obsess over a fairy tale princess or epic superhero, try incorporating that theme into your wedding. You can make it obvious or subtle.


5. Beach Vibes


Florida is a tropical paradise! Instead of floral centerpieces or accents, try using tropical branches or palm leaves.  It’ll be like a day at the beach!


6. Oranges, duh. 

We couldn’t leave those Florida oranges out. They can be really charming and fun decor items!




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