Tips For An Efficient Showroom Appointment


So you’re interested in visitng our showroom … YAY! We want you to have the best appointment ever, because you deserve to enjoy the planning process as much as the big day itself. We’ve compiled our top six tips for what to do before your appointment, and during your appointment. With these six tips, you’ll not only have a more productive showroom appointment – you’ll also cross off another to-do list item that much faster!





  • Be sure to submit a wishlist request prior to scheduling your showroom appointment – this way, we can have those items ready for viewing!
  • Have your date and venue set. This will determine what services / products you’ll actually be needing.
  • Establish your goals for the appointment – whether it’s to take pictures, or see how two items look paired together. Your time is precious!
  • Decide on who you’re bringing to the appointment. We recommend bringing the decision-maker, and your planner / coordinator if you’re working with one.
  • Have a general idea of your guest count – this helps us to determine availability and offer even more valuable suggestions!
  • Have a Pinterest board? We know you do… Bring it with you, we’d love to see it!
  • Make sure to have a list of measurements handy (Venue measurements, etc.), especially if you’re wanting a consultation about our Tents. While you won’t get to see a our tents during the appointment, we’re happy to review our past set-ups!







  • Ask questions – we’re happy to help! Here are few questions to get you started:
    • What do your services entail?
    • When is the first deposit due?
    • Can adjustments be made to my rental count after booking?
    • What items am I possibly overlooking?
    • How are delivery and pick up times coordinated?
    • When are the final details due? I.e. final counts, confirmation of delivery time / address, etc.
    • Check out our FAQ page for more insights.
  • Take notes and pictures!




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Why you should book your venue before your rentals!


Brides and grooms contact OWPR about their rentals at every stage of the wedding planning process.  We know that the first step of the wedding planning process is always choosing your wedding venue.


We reached out to Shannon Tarrant, founder of, an Orlando wedding venue search engine to help explain why the venue is the place to start:


I understand what it feels like. Your partner asked you to marry you and you said YES! Hopefully, you took some time to celebrate being engaged before rushing into wedding planning. If you are like most, you’ve maybe already created an inspiration board with ideas and wants (on Pinterest maybe). This board likely contains different color combinations, unique details and a few tablescapes.


There are no rules to what order you HAVE to book your wedding vendors in. You do need to remember that there are two questions that everyone you contact or speak with is going to ask you: 1 – what is your wedding date and 2 – what is your wedding venue??


Why do they ask about the date?

Your actual wedding date will be determined by the wedding venue that you choose. While you may have a preferred date in mind, of times couples tend to be more flexible if their venue of choice isn’t available of there is a different date that may save $$$. So, other vendors want to make sure you have a final date selected to make sure they are available.


Why does the wedding venue matter?

Oh there are so many reasons. Each venue has it’s benefits and challenges for different vendors. Let’s say you choose an all outdoor venue, the DJ may have to bring a pop up tent for cover in case of bad weather. Or you rent a photobooth at a venue with stairs and no ramp or elevator. The details are important for vendors to get you accurate pricing information.


Knowing your wedding venue is the most important factor for a rental company. Here are 8 reasons why you should book your wedding venue before your rentals:


    1. What is already included in your wedding venue rental? Every venue is completely different. Some hotels include ballroom chairs that you might love, while other event centers have chivari chairs as their standard chair. You don’t want to contract for something like a dance floor that is already included from your venue at no additional cost.
    2. What are the rules for outside rentals? Some venues have contracted relationships with specific rental companies.  They may limit where you can get additional items like tents or chargers from.
    3. Is your wedding venue cool or warm color tones? If your venue has burgundy and gold carpet, navy blue linens with silver chairs might not look right. By selecting the space first, you can design around the look you’ve chosen.
    4. Do they handle the rentals for you? An extra service many venues provide is taking care of the rentals for you. They have created partnerships with just a few companies that know their property, location and rules. By handling the contracting, payments, and final counts, you only have to tell your venue you want gold chivari chairs and the rest is taken care of.
    5. Does your wedding venue include or require a wedding planner? Each planner has relationships with their preferred rental company which usually includes negotiated rates. By working through your wedding planner, you may be able to save in your budget to upgrade something else.
    6. Indoor or outdoor? If you haven’t finalized the venue, then you don’t really know for sure where your ceremony or reception is going to take place. Chairs that work well in a carpeted ballroom might sink into the grass or scratch hardwood floors.
    7. Who is the rental company on your venue’s preferred vendors list? Your wedding venue has usually done the work for you. This is really helpful for rentals when it’s time to talk about the logistics of things like delivery times. The venue trusts these companies implicitly and can often show examples of how these wedding rentals will look in the space.
    8. What does your venue look like? Your rental decor should compliment and not compete with the venue you’ve contracted. Industrial versus rustic are two totally different vibes which would require different styles of rentals.



To ensure that your wedding rentals look at home in your venue, it’s important for your rental company to understand your vision, learn your style, see the space and provide items that not only look good but provide a function.


Rentals are the perfect opportunity to really customize your wedding venue and make it your own. Whether you want to dive into the details of choosing every item or leave the design up to them, the goal is always for your wedding day rentals to enhance what is already included from your venue.








Shannon Tarrant is the Founder of She is an experienced wedding catering and venue sales manager with over 15 years of helping couples create a lifetime of wedding memories. Search through all of Orlando’s wedding venues and define what is important to you.



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