New Year, New Trends!

2019 Wedding Trends Forecast



Settle down class, school is in session! We’re saying ‘salutations’ to 2019 with a 2019 wedding trends forecast. We’ve compiled a list of the latest trends, straight from the mouths’ of the experts!



Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral


We’re ready to go under the sea with Living Coral! Pantone has finally selected their color of the year. Here’s what they had to say about their choice: “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” Pantone goes on to characterize this vibrant hue as a “fusion of modern life.” Experts at Pantone recognized this color trend on social media and seeing it as “a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays lively presence within social media.” We love how versatile this color is for different event types / seasons- even if it makes us want to sip a cocktail on the beach!



A work of floral art –

Step aside Michelangelo, there’s a new sculpture in town! Sculptural floral installations, to be exact. Now, more than ever, designers are experimenting with the highs and lows; Adding drama to an everyday tablescape with elegant installations- while mixing in traditional centerpieces. The options are endless with this trend!


2019 wedding trend, structural floral installation, howey mansion


An abundance of Greenery

Color us… not surprised. This trend isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Couples are opting for whimsical garlands and “wild” bouquets to evoke even more romance on the most romantic of days! 


2019 wedding trend, greenery, arundel estate


The new metallic is.. Rust!

Finally! Those “forgotten” items are back in style. While rose gold is still extremely popular- event designers are incorporating more warm toned metals and even opting for monochromatic color palettes (different tones of the same hue). So don’t pack up that rose gold yet- pair it with rust-colored décor and BAM(!) a monochromatic look that’s not your 1940’s TV show.


2019 wedding trend, metallic rust decor, art and history museums


“Au Naturel” –

“You’re beautiful just the way you are!” Let us just say that we love ALL types of makeup looks, we’re just here to say that we’ll be seeing a lot more “no makeup-makeup” looks. Makes sense, right? Brides and Grooms are opting for a glow-from-within complexion as opposed to heavily covered up. No matter what you choose to rock, you’ll look stunning!



Interactive stations

The one time you can ACTUALLY play with your food! Creative food displays are here, and we’re here for it. They’re an off-beat way to showcase your personality. Consider displaying your favorite foods, a bite that represents how the two of you met, and more!



Mix + Match –

Bring the essence of “home” to your event with mixed-plating! Mismatched china is all the rage and it’s not hard to see why. It’s charming. It’s eye-catching. Each plate has a story to tell.



Blend it all together –

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Mixing and matching is on-point at the moment, so this is one thing you won’t need to compromise on! We’re seeing rich textiles mixed with lighter elements like lucite, and warm, rustic goodness mixed with modern, industrial elements. Thus, creating a balanced look that’s sure check everyone’s boxes.



Candles galore –

If you’ve a flair for theatrics, then this trend is right up your alley. Start collecting candles now, because this trend require A LOT of candles. To create an even more romantic ambiance, designers are decorating event spaces with candles of all sizes, shapes, and colors. The result: a candle-lit affair that looks & feels cozy.



Long-sleeved dresses –

It was the wedding of the year! Megan Markle and Prince Harry exchanged vows at the beginning of 2018 and introduced the world to a slue of wedding inspo. We adored the floral wall (and after all… you’re my flower wall) and loved (!) her dress. Get ready, in 2019 we’ll be seeing a lot of long-sleeved dresses thanks to Megan and Princess Eugenie. 



Event branding

You want guests to know it’s your event right? 😉 Event branding took a turn for the hot, hot, hot. Calligraphers are in high-demand and we’re sure they’re not mad about it. In 2019, we’re going to see a lot more wax seals, personalized invitation suites, and unique signage. 




Unique floral arches –

Arch you glad we’re concluding this forecast with more floral talk?! Obviously you want your wedding to be picture-perfect. So don’t forget about the altar! While you and your future spouse will look amazing, consider adding a gorgeous backdrop to tie it all together!






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Deck The Halls: Renting For The Holidays 101

Four Tips For Renting Like A Pro During The Holidays

Happy Holidays! It’s the happiest time of year; Gatherings are being planned and cheer is in the air. Want to know how you can rent event furniture- like a pro? Keep reading, to see our top 4 tips for renting during the holidays!

Home for the Holidays

One of the major benefits of renting event furniture for your holiday gathering, is that your abode will be styled to the nines without the added need of storage. Plus, you and your guests will be able to share a meal over a beautiful tablescape- one that’s sure to be brought up at next year’s gathering!

Some items to consider renting for your holiday shindig:

Be proactive- don’t wait for the new year (like most of your resolutions).

It’s a busy time of year- not just for holiday parties, but weddings too! This means availability is going faster than you can say santa. Early bird gets the worm, so we suggest submitting your wishlist at least two weeks before your event. Remember, items such as tents will need to be given more advance notice! Also, since it is busy season: we might experience higher call volumes, therefore we recommend submitting your requests either via email or our website’s wishlist form!

Be flexible with the delivery / pick up / drop off date!

This tip is crucial! We love the holidays and our staff does too. In celebration, we close up shop on certain holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc). This may result in certain days leading up to your holiday event being unavailable for delivery or pick up. To secure your preferred delivery time/day (etc), try to book your items well in advance! We understand that last-minute parties happen (can we get an invite?), so we’ll work with you to schedule a drop off / pick up time that’s convenient for you and fits within our holiday delivery schedule.

Understand the pick-up procedures!

While we allow some items to be picked up from our warehouse, there are a few ground rules to follow. We know… sorry! Prior to your pick up date, our office staff will go over all the things you’ll need to know and do! One thing to plan for: is having a covered vehicle, such as a SUV or compact car. This allows for whatever you’re picking up to be secured and not in danger of falling out onto a roadway. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions regarding our pick up procedures!

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Modern Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

A Modern Bohemian [Rhapsody]



We’ve got modern bohemian vibes on the brain!

Recently, we took part in a modern bohemian wedding inspiration photoshoot at the gorgeous Art & History Museum- Maitland. This venue is jam-packed with old-world charm and Mayan Revival architecture from the 1940’s. Melanie Paige Events was inspired by the grounds, and transformed the Chapel and Courtyard space into a modern-boho dream!



Bohemian design meets acrylic details with this ceremony and reception set up. Our ghost chairs have a weightlessness to them, allowing the architecture to speak for itself, while creating a modern & cool effect. For the tablescape, our 8ft acrylic table kept things from appearing heavy as it was adorned with floral and geometric charger plates from Treasury Rentals. Our ghost chairs were transitioned from the ceremony space to the mock reception, keeping a consistent look.


To infinity and beyond!

We are absolutely in love with how our Infinity arch was transformed! While it’s beautiful on its own, we can’t help but be obsessed with the hanging pieces and statement floral.

And can we talk about the dress for a moment?! The fringe, wow. The crochet / lace detailing, WOW. Stunning!


The takeaway:

Boho vibes aren’t all teepee’s and deserts. You can truly make this design style you’re own- especially being in Florida, where there are no deserts… obviously. We love the idea of mixing in modern details because it’s like you’re getting the best of both worlds! The key to a bohemian [rhapsody] is a care-free attitude and some fringe (which never hurt anyone!). 



Check out some of the photos from this ‘shoot, below!





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Why you should book your venue before your rentals!


Brides and grooms contact OWPR about their rentals at every stage of the wedding planning process.  We know that the first step of the wedding planning process is always choosing your wedding venue.


We reached out to Shannon Tarrant, founder of, an Orlando wedding venue search engine to help explain why the venue is the place to start:


I understand what it feels like. Your partner asked you to marry you and you said YES! Hopefully, you took some time to celebrate being engaged before rushing into wedding planning. If you are like most, you’ve maybe already created an inspiration board with ideas and wants (on Pinterest maybe). This board likely contains different color combinations, unique details and a few tablescapes.


There are no rules to what order you HAVE to book your wedding vendors in. You do need to remember that there are two questions that everyone you contact or speak with is going to ask you: 1 – what is your wedding date and 2 – what is your wedding venue??


Why do they ask about the date?

Your actual wedding date will be determined by the wedding venue that you choose. While you may have a preferred date in mind, of times couples tend to be more flexible if their venue of choice isn’t available of there is a different date that may save $$$. So, other vendors want to make sure you have a final date selected to make sure they are available.


Why does the wedding venue matter?

Oh there are so many reasons. Each venue has it’s benefits and challenges for different vendors. Let’s say you choose an all outdoor venue, the DJ may have to bring a pop up tent for cover in case of bad weather. Or you rent a photobooth at a venue with stairs and no ramp or elevator. The details are important for vendors to get you accurate pricing information.


Knowing your wedding venue is the most important factor for a rental company. Here are 8 reasons why you should book your wedding venue before your rentals:


    1. What is already included in your wedding venue rental? Every venue is completely different. Some hotels include ballroom chairs that you might love, while other event centers have chivari chairs as their standard chair. You don’t want to contract for something like a dance floor that is already included from your venue at no additional cost.
    2. What are the rules for outside rentals? Some venues have contracted relationships with specific rental companies.  They may limit where you can get additional items like tents or chargers from.
    3. Is your wedding venue cool or warm color tones? If your venue has burgundy and gold carpet, navy blue linens with silver chairs might not look right. By selecting the space first, you can design around the look you’ve chosen.
    4. Do they handle the rentals for you? An extra service many venues provide is taking care of the rentals for you. They have created partnerships with just a few companies that know their property, location and rules. By handling the contracting, payments, and final counts, you only have to tell your venue you want gold chivari chairs and the rest is taken care of.
    5. Does your wedding venue include or require a wedding planner? Each planner has relationships with their preferred rental company which usually includes negotiated rates. By working through your wedding planner, you may be able to save in your budget to upgrade something else.
    6. Indoor or outdoor? If you haven’t finalized the venue, then you don’t really know for sure where your ceremony or reception is going to take place. Chairs that work well in a carpeted ballroom might sink into the grass or scratch hardwood floors.
    7. Who is the rental company on your venue’s preferred vendors list? Your wedding venue has usually done the work for you. This is really helpful for rentals when it’s time to talk about the logistics of things like delivery times. The venue trusts these companies implicitly and can often show examples of how these wedding rentals will look in the space.
    8. What does your venue look like? Your rental decor should compliment and not compete with the venue you’ve contracted. Industrial versus rustic are two totally different vibes which would require different styles of rentals.



To ensure that your wedding rentals look at home in your venue, it’s important for your rental company to understand your vision, learn your style, see the space and provide items that not only look good but provide a function.


Rentals are the perfect opportunity to really customize your wedding venue and make it your own. Whether you want to dive into the details of choosing every item or leave the design up to them, the goal is always for your wedding day rentals to enhance what is already included from your venue.








Shannon Tarrant is the Founder of She is an experienced wedding catering and venue sales manager with over 15 years of helping couples create a lifetime of wedding memories. Search through all of Orlando’s wedding venues and define what is important to you.



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