Lee Forrest Design Takes on Our Infinity Arch

Transforming our Infinity Arch with new shelves!



We recently went on our Instagram Live with our friend Lee Forrest. He took our Infinity Arch and made a beautiful ceremony backdrop. THEN— he added the new Infinity Arch Shelves and transformed that same ceremony backdrop into a gorgeous reception decor piece! It ’s a twofer that we give two thumbs up. Throughout the segment, we asked him a few questions. If you missed the LIVE video, don’t worry- we got you. Here’s the interview and a little peek into the mind of this floral genius!


What do you love most about your job?

“I love the interaction with the brides and the grooms- working with the creative ideas everyone has. I don’t work in a typical office where it’s a computer screen and a cubicle. I’m in a different location every week, I’m working with different people… sometimes we’re inside, sometimes we’re outside. I really love that I have so much variety in what I do!”


How would you describe your creative process?

“Just whatever comes to me in the moment. Sometimes I sleep on things, sometimes things come to me in my dreams- believe it or not! [I could even] be out drinking with friends; My friend Cathie and I love getting together and coming up with crazy ideas. Sometimes I’ll be driving and I’ll see something random on the side of the road! Inspiration comes TO you!”


Do you have a favorite flower or plant you like to keep in your home?

“I actually don’t keep a lot of plants in my own home. Even though I love designing, I work with them all day long. The last thing I want to do is go home to MORE flowers. Also, I’m not good at keeping things alive! Everything I work with has already been cut.

My favorite flower though- would have to be a white Casablanca lily!”


What’s your go-to coffee order?

“I usually drink hot tea in the morning but when I do drink coffee, I always go for a cappuccino grande. That’s good stuff and keeps me awake for hours!”


When we think of wedding flowers, we usually think of bouquets and centerpieces. What are some other places we can add florals too?

“Obviously the ceremony is a major part of your day, so anything you put in the ceremony will be spectacular!”


Do you ever have a couple that has no idea what they want for their wedding, how do you go about that?

“Occasionally I do. I always like to get inside their heads and find out what their favorite colors are. It’s kind of hard to plan your flowers without that. I also get a feel for their personality and if they like more modern or more traditional, more over-the-top or if they like very simple. It’s just a process of getting to know the couple and kind of pulling it out of them. Then based on that, I can kind of create something and pitch ideas at them.”


What are you forecasting for the floral trend of 2019?

“I am hoping to see a lot more color. As beautiful as it is: white, champagne and blush, have been around for a little while now. We just did a wedding a couple weeks ago where the bride did hot bright Florida colors: bright corals, bright golds, bright oranges, hot pinks, and fuchsias. It was freaking phenomenal! Everyone that walked in the room was like ‘I am so happy to see COLOR’.

When the Pantone Color of the year is released in December, I think that will set a lot of the color standards for next year. From then, we’ll see the new trends. I think we’ll see a lot of greenery still. Greenery is very organic. It compliments all the other colors that we work with. Using more greenery in your arrangements, rather than flowers, actually helps with cost. Greenery is not free, but it is more cost-effective than doing nothing but flowers and no greenery.”


Do you have anything else you want to tell the engaged couples of the world?

“Have fun with your wedding! This is your one special day but at the same time, it’s about you and your fiance. Just have fun with it. Don’t stress out over the little details. Everything will fall into place… The important thing is that you are with each other.”



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How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Arch

Wedding arches, columns and arbors are one of the most important pieces of decor for your wedding. All eyes will be on you during your ceremony and the surrounding decor should do nothing but complement the most special of moments. Wedding arbors are great for defining your altar space. Since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s easy to decorate arches in a way that ties in with your overall theme! Here are some key factors to consider when deciding on your wedding arch!



Infinity arches are perfect for incorporating lush greenery and florals. You can cover an entire arch, top-to-bottom, with flowers and foliage to create a whimsical – woodland archway. It’s also easy to keep it simple by cascading your decor on one side of the arch while leaving the rest exposed. This style is perfect for more minimal arches.  



Draped arches are perfect for adding more statement flowers with bright pops of colors. This style of arch is perfect for couples who love to customize. Switch up the size, drape pattern, drape colors, and more- to create your signature look.



They may be “traditional” but arbors are perfect for outdoor ceremonies and can be easily transformed with floral as a statement piece!



Wedding arches, and arbors open up many opportunities to get creative and add your personal flair throughout your wedding ceremony! To help you get started on your arch and arbor decorating, ProFlowers created an in-depth guide with all sorts of wedding arch inspiration for any theme!



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Modern Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

A Modern Bohemian [Rhapsody]



We’ve got modern bohemian vibes on the brain!

Recently, we took part in a modern bohemian wedding inspiration photoshoot at the gorgeous Art & History Museum- Maitland. This venue is jam-packed with old-world charm and Mayan Revival architecture from the 1940’s. Melanie Paige Events was inspired by the grounds, and transformed the Chapel and Courtyard space into a modern-boho dream!



Bohemian design meets acrylic details with this ceremony and reception set up. Our ghost chairs have a weightlessness to them, allowing the architecture to speak for itself, while creating a modern & cool effect. For the tablescape, our 8ft acrylic table kept things from appearing heavy as it was adorned with floral and geometric charger plates from Treasury Rentals. Our ghost chairs were transitioned from the ceremony space to the mock reception, keeping a consistent look.


To infinity and beyond!

We are absolutely in love with how our Infinity arch was transformed! While it’s beautiful on its own, we can’t help but be obsessed with the hanging pieces and statement floral.

And can we talk about the dress for a moment?! The fringe, wow. The crochet / lace detailing, WOW. Stunning!


The takeaway:

Boho vibes aren’t all teepee’s and deserts. You can truly make this design style you’re own- especially being in Florida, where there are no deserts… obviously. We love the idea of mixing in modern details because it’s like you’re getting the best of both worlds! The key to a bohemian [rhapsody] is a care-free attitude and some fringe (which never hurt anyone!). 



Check out some of the photos from this ‘shoot, below!





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Why you should book your venue before your rentals!


Brides and grooms contact OWPR about their rentals at every stage of the wedding planning process.  We know that the first step of the wedding planning process is always choosing your wedding venue.


We reached out to Shannon Tarrant, founder of WeddingVenueMap.com, an Orlando wedding venue search engine to help explain why the venue is the place to start:


I understand what it feels like. Your partner asked you to marry you and you said YES! Hopefully, you took some time to celebrate being engaged before rushing into wedding planning. If you are like most, you’ve maybe already created an inspiration board with ideas and wants (on Pinterest maybe). This board likely contains different color combinations, unique details and a few tablescapes.


There are no rules to what order you HAVE to book your wedding vendors in. You do need to remember that there are two questions that everyone you contact or speak with is going to ask you: 1 – what is your wedding date and 2 – what is your wedding venue??


Why do they ask about the date?

Your actual wedding date will be determined by the wedding venue that you choose. While you may have a preferred date in mind, of times couples tend to be more flexible if their venue of choice isn’t available of there is a different date that may save $$$. So, other vendors want to make sure you have a final date selected to make sure they are available.


Why does the wedding venue matter?

Oh there are so many reasons. Each venue has it’s benefits and challenges for different vendors. Let’s say you choose an all outdoor venue, the DJ may have to bring a pop up tent for cover in case of bad weather. Or you rent a photobooth at a venue with stairs and no ramp or elevator. The details are important for vendors to get you accurate pricing information.


Knowing your wedding venue is the most important factor for a rental company. Here are 8 reasons why you should book your wedding venue before your rentals:


    1. What is already included in your wedding venue rental? Every venue is completely different. Some hotels include ballroom chairs that you might love, while other event centers have chivari chairs as their standard chair. You don’t want to contract for something like a dance floor that is already included from your venue at no additional cost.
    2. What are the rules for outside rentals? Some venues have contracted relationships with specific rental companies.  They may limit where you can get additional items like tents or chargers from.
    3. Is your wedding venue cool or warm color tones? If your venue has burgundy and gold carpet, navy blue linens with silver chairs might not look right. By selecting the space first, you can design around the look you’ve chosen.
    4. Do they handle the rentals for you? An extra service many venues provide is taking care of the rentals for you. They have created partnerships with just a few companies that know their property, location and rules. By handling the contracting, payments, and final counts, you only have to tell your venue you want gold chivari chairs and the rest is taken care of.
    5. Does your wedding venue include or require a wedding planner? Each planner has relationships with their preferred rental company which usually includes negotiated rates. By working through your wedding planner, you may be able to save in your budget to upgrade something else.
    6. Indoor or outdoor? If you haven’t finalized the venue, then you don’t really know for sure where your ceremony or reception is going to take place. Chairs that work well in a carpeted ballroom might sink into the grass or scratch hardwood floors.
    7. Who is the rental company on your venue’s preferred vendors list? Your wedding venue has usually done the work for you. This is really helpful for rentals when it’s time to talk about the logistics of things like delivery times. The venue trusts these companies implicitly and can often show examples of how these wedding rentals will look in the space.
    8. What does your venue look like? Your rental decor should compliment and not compete with the venue you’ve contracted. Industrial versus rustic are two totally different vibes which would require different styles of rentals.



To ensure that your wedding rentals look at home in your venue, it’s important for your rental company to understand your vision, learn your style, see the space and provide items that not only look good but provide a function.


Rentals are the perfect opportunity to really customize your wedding venue and make it your own. Whether you want to dive into the details of choosing every item or leave the design up to them, the goal is always for your wedding day rentals to enhance what is already included from your venue.








Shannon Tarrant is the Founder of WeddingVenueMap.com. She is an experienced wedding catering and venue sales manager with over 15 years of helping couples create a lifetime of wedding memories. Search through all of Orlando’s wedding venues and define what is important to you.



Wedding Venue Map Contact Information:

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4 Tips To Ensure Your Event Is A Success!

Photo: Instyle Imagery | Featured products: staging, clear tent & leg drapes, uplighting, black pipe & drape, clear chiavari barstools, cocktail tables


Today’s blog post is brought to by Cara with Eventbrite! She’s sharing four tips that’ll guarantee a successful event- no matter the occasion!

The planning process for any kind of event is undoubtedly challenging. From catering and a venue, to guest lists and entertainment, there are lots of decisions to be made. With these tips, you’ll be able to conquer any planning difficulties!


Budget Management-

Before any planning begins, it’s important to sit down and decide how much money you are able to spend on the event in total; a financial “blueprint.” Weddings and corporate events have different kinds of expenses, and having a clear understanding of which you need to spend on will be crucial when hiring vendors. Really think this step through, as there are many things that are easily overseen during the planning process – from vendors and venues, to parking arrangements and security. Having all of these things accounted for and in order will ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible. If planning a wedding, consider your non-negotiables. When planning a corporate event, think long and hard about the group you intent to have in attendance. Is music and entertainment most important to your audience, or could they do with some light background music and a playlist created internally by your team? Another vendor trick is asking if they offer options for submitting payments in advance to avoid having every bill due right before or day-of your big event.

Start planning earlier than you may think necessary-

Once you have a budget in place, create a prioritized list of dates you’d like to hold your event. Don’t wait to check the availability of venues, also most vendors won’t be able to quote pricing for their services until they know where the event is being held and on what date. There are certainly a lot of moving pieces involved in planning an event – so as soon as you narrow down a venue, look into caterers, rental companies, photographers, florists and entertainers as soon as possible. It is likely that not everyone you like best will be available on the date you have chosen, and that’s where the prioritized list mentioned before comes in handy. To help with this planning process, there are many checklists catering specifically toward weddings and corporate events alike that can make your life easier. Even if you don’t want to rely on a checklist entirely, they are great resources for double checking to ensure you have everything in order to make sure your day goes off without a hitch!

Get online-

Your venue is booked, your caterer and entertainment are chosen and things are starting to really come together! The next thing to worry about is getting your audience informed and excited. In this day and age, there’s no better way to reach an audience for all sorts of events than online. If planning a wedding, important things to accomplish online are creating a registry, inviting people to view it, and organizing accommodations via a unique wedding website (or consider building your own wedding website!). The attendance of a public event often relies heavily on spreading word through online registration platforms, where organizers can create an event page and share information to find the right demographic. Through online marketing and social media, events can easily reach people who are looking for events similar to theirs and brand-new fans. Use social media strategies such as creating facebook pages, creating an official event hashtag, create a content calendar and update it with posts and create a formal agreement with event partners to share information on their social media channels as well. Combining all of these online tactics will ensure your event is seen by a large audience.

Engage and interact with your audience-

Once the event is underway, the most important thing for your attendees to do is have fun! Draw your audience in by reaching out beforehand to inform everyone of an official hashtag, to start a conversation on blogs and social media, and more. For weddings, couple-specific hashtags are huge for blending people on both sides of the wedding party and sparking excitement for the future bride and groom. For corporate events, if attendees post photos and include the provided hashtag, interact with them by commenting or reposting from your own social channels. Also consider incorporating live polls throughout the event to receive direct feedback on what people are enjoying or questions they may have. Whatever you can do to spark interaction throughout the crowd will help with the tone of the entire event and promote your brand on the interwebs. Once the day has run its course, provide the attendees with an opportunity to give feedback as well, or best wishes. One of the most important elements of event planning is evaluation and it is far too often forgotten. If you want to determine how successful your event is, collect feedback from participants through online evaluation forms that can be short and anonymous to learn what people want to see more of.