Was once said to be the most significant residential structure in all of Florida. Established in 1883 and remodeled by famous architect Grosvenor Atterbury in 1903, it was the winter retreat for James Laughlin, the owner of J&L Steel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Built in the Mediterranean Revival style, it was designed after Alhambra Castle in Spain, and included sculpted gardens with rare plants from around the world, citrus groves, a dairy farm, power plant and even a bowling alley.

The mansion features 11 bathrooms, 13 bedrooms and 13 fireplaces with beautiful handcrafted wooden moldings throughout reflecting an era of craftsmanship difficult to find in modern homes. Share in our journey as we partner with select designers and builders to continue the restoration of this magnificent mansion. Historical craftsmanship paring up with modern design and creativity is restoring this amazing mansion to her former glory and provides a unique wedding venue and location for events and daily historical tours.

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