So you’re interested in visitng our showroom … YAY! We want you to have the best appointment ever, because you deserve to enjoy the planning process as much as the big day itself. We’ve compiled our top six tips for what to do before your appointment, and during your appointment. With these six tips, you’ll not only have a more productive showroom appointment – you’ll also cross off another to-do list item that much faster!





  • Be sure to submit a wishlist request prior to scheduling your showroom appointment – this way, we can have those items ready for viewing!
  • Have your date and venue set. This will determine what services / products you’ll actually be needing.
  • Establish your goals for the appointment – whether it’s to take pictures, or see how two items look paired together. Your time is precious!
  • Decide on who you’re bringing to the appointment. We recommend bringing the decision-maker, and your planner / coordinator if you’re working with one.
  • Have a general idea of your guest count – this helps us to determine availability and offer even more valuable suggestions!
  • Have a Pinterest board? We know you do… Bring it with you, we’d love to see it!
  • Make sure to have a list of measurements handy (Venue measurements, etc.), especially if you’re wanting a consultation about our Tents. While you won’t get to see a our tents during the appointment, we’re happy to review our past set-ups!







  • Ask questions – we’re happy to help! Here are few questions to get you started:
    • What do your services entail?
    • When is the first deposit due?
    • Can adjustments be made to my rental count after booking?
    • What items am I possibly overlooking?
    • How are delivery and pick up times coordinated?
    • When are the final details due? I.e. final counts, confirmation of delivery time / address, etc.
    • Check out our FAQ page for more insights.
  • Take notes and pictures!




download our free showroom appointment guide!

We’ll meet you at the showroom!

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