Because the dress isn’t the only thing you say yes to!

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Each time a new season rolls around, fifty new trends follow close behind it. You know how it is- everyone is wearing this, everyone is doing that (etc.) and with Pinterest & other social platforms flooding our heads with inspiration, it’s hard to determine whether to follow the status-quo or break the mold!

Before you get overwhelmed trying to decide, we wanted to talk a little bit about how to know if a trend is right for you! Yes, not following a trend is an option. Gasp! We want to give you a few things to consider before hopping on a certain trend’s train. But first, what are the top summer trends?

According to The Knot, the top trends range from bolder color choices, mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses, and statement jewelry to opting for bundt cakes & ditching the traditional wedding cake- and these are but a few of the trends out there! Don’t get us wrong, we love trends; it’s exciting to see how the event industry changes! However, while trends are new and exciting and may fit your style now, think fifty years down the road at what your wedding album/ event photos will showcase. For example, puffy sleeves and teased hair seemed like a good idea at one point. Trends are great but are not a necessity to create an unforgettable event! You do you, and the results will speak for themselves.


Here are three questions we feel anyone planning an event should ask themselves, when it comes to trends.



Does this trend fit your style?

What drew you to it?
Why do YOU like it?
Does it fit the vision you have of your event?

Does this trend fit within your budget?

It’s easily forgotten in all of the hype!

Does this trend fit with the rest of your event?

If you’re having a corporate event, would it be appropriate?
Will it be an enjoyable experience for me and my guests? I.e. Live streaming.


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