Keep Things Zen With These ‘Acts of Kindness’

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You might be thinking… “Whoa, why are they publishing their weekly blog post on Saturday, instead of Thursday?” Inquiring minds want to know! Well, friends, we’re coming to you on a Saturday because tomorrow, February 17th, is Random Acts of Kindness Day! And our blog post just so happens to deal with a few acts of kindness for yourself and for your guests!

Guests; We love ’em, but sometimes they can induce “Guest Stress” – both for themselves and for you, the host.

Today, we’re dishing on a few acts of kindness you can perform for your guests, that’ll leave them feeling more prepared & and that’ll leave you feeling zen. Who doesn’t want that?

Keep reading for a gold mine of stress reduction / event tips. And by “event” we mean weddings, social parties, etc.


“Siri, where am I?”

For the directionally-challenged *raises hand*, provide your guests with detailed instructions for your event’s location, the parking situation, and even the traffic forecast. Don’t skimp on the details- the more, the better. *can confirm this* One of the added benefits to serving up this information ahead of time, is that there’s a greater chance of your guests arriving on time!

What’s on the menu?

For some, meal-time can be a bit of challenge; Food allergies, and diets (etc) play a big role in a person’s daily routine- so it stands to reason that it’ll be on their minds prior to / during your event. Consider sending out the menu ahead of time so that your guests can make you / your catering staff aware of any allergies & preferences. Also, if need be, they can make other arrangements.

Avoid the ‘fashion faux pas’

You envisioned a black-tie affair, but a couple of your guests just showed up in jeans… yikes. Avoid this scandal by sending your guests a description of the attire. After all, “business casual” could mean something different to each of your guests. Bonus: go the extra mile and have your preferred calligrapher illustrate a “what to wear” on your wedding / event invitations!

“Let me ‘buy’ you a [pre-ceremony] drink”

Breaking news: it gets hot in Florida! If an outdoor wedding is your jam, provide your guests with a cold beverage while they await your grand entrance. And hey, this applies to indoor weddings too! Not only is this practical, but it’s also courteous and it’ll help keep your guests calm, cool, & collected.

Get down to brass tacks: Policies

An ‘act of kindness’ for yourself. We hate to be the bearer of bad news but… guests can cost you benjamins if they don’t follow your venue’s (and other vendors) policies. Some of these policies include no smoking, LED candles only, and more. Don’t let your special day be ruined by these avoidable fees. “But how can I let my guests know about these policies without coming across as rude?” We suggest including a link to your Venue’s policy page- either on a personal Wedding Website or in a private Facebook group, to which your ‘guest list’ can join. While we’re on the subject- you can include the above tips in either option, as well!

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In your invitation suite (or in the options mentioned above), include a list of accommodations and “local happenings” for your out-of-town guests- especially if they’re new to the area.

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