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These days- Corporate events are testing boundaries, breaking the mold, and are becoming more than just your average “employee Christmas party.” Companies host Corporate bashes to show appreciation to their employees, to showcase new products, and to launch their brand on to the interwebs. So here’s the sitch; we’ve seen companies hire vendors to plan & create a magical event, but they didn’t hire a professional photographer… Say what?! Don’t let your hard work go un-photographed. We spoke to In Style Imagery and Steven Miller Photography about why you should have your next corporate event professionally photographed!

In Style Imagery

You worked hard, capture it all!

From the carefully chosen venue and decor to the entertainment and staging, professional photos will showcase all of the planning and feel of your event. We know you have spent time and a balanced budget planning to perfection; professional images will show it all off!


Your special guests and attendees are important! 

You will want images of the CEO, President, VIP’s, and guest speakers interacting and engaged with your attendees. Is there a special guest or key notes peaker? A professional photographer who specializes in events will be aware of the key guests. Your photographers will be sure to capture all the moments exchanged, speeches, or awards given.


Boost company culture through images!

Your attendees will be excited to see the images captured featuring them while they mingle with colleagues, receive an award, or get special one to one time with your company executives and VIP’s. They will feel the importance of their
contributions and know they are valued members of the group.


Foster vendor relationships!

If your event has a strong vendor presence, images of the participants will be highly appreciated. The vendors who are contributing as sponsors will love getting professional images of their displays and company representatives interacting with the guests.


Create excitement after the event and create marketing for next year!

After your event the lasting memories are in your photographs. Sharing the photos are a great time for everyone who was there to relive the event. Next year, pull those professional photos back out to remind everyone of the experience and get them excited to attend again!



Extra mile:

One of our annual clients orders a surprise for their award winners. A professional image printed and matted arrives after the event as an extra thank you. Their staff loves the photograph, and they have something tangible to proudly display at their desk.

Steven Miller Photography

The right photographer will present your company in the best light…pun intended!

When capturing the event, it is important to not only document the event, but also be able to have a solid set of pictures to promote next years event! Conference attendees are often visual learners and they rely on the pictures from your event to make their final decision!


Hiring a professional photographer also allows the event organizers to be at ease and focus on their task at hand!

A professional event photographer will likely have photographed plenty of events before and know what settings to use, how to stay unobtrusive, and capture flattering pictures of people in a wide variety of lighting conditions that events have!


A professional photographer is able to provide a set of images that the attendees can look back at and enjoy!

Professional photographers are able to put their subjects at ease during corporate events! Many times we have had to capture CEOs, celebrities, and attendees who are shy and we had a split second to make sure they are conformable in front of the camera! This in turn captures a better picture and a more enjoyable experience at your event!


A little bit about In Style Imagery-

Olivia Ginn is a photographer and owner of In Style Imagery based in Orlando. As the President of the Professional Photographers Society of Central Florida, a member of the PPA, she leads her team in photographing corporate events, headshots, and commercial portrait sessions. Olivia and her team provide full photography coverage in the Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine markets.

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A little bit about Steven Miller Photography-

They have been photographing weddings and events for almost five years, and are proud to have various cities and landscapes around the country in their portfolio!  Steven Miller Photography specializes in both local and international weddings, engagement sessions, corporate and sporting events, professional head shots, family sessions, and modeling.  They take pride in extremely down-to-earth customer service throughout the entire client relationship.

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