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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been frequently asked: “How can I help your business?” “What can I do now that’ll benefit my fellow business owners once this madness has passed?” How can I show my appreciation to my favorite vendors?”

It’s been so incredibly wonderful to see the Orlando events industry rally around each other, and figure out ways to help & make the most of this mandatory hiatus.

Since we don’t have events to prepare for right now, we’re preparing for events in the future. Mainly, we’re putting systems in place now that honor the good habits we’ve developed during this time, as well as, preparing content that allows our event planners, couples, and so on, to continue planning their events! We’re also making a point to reach out and see how we can help spread the word about our trusted vendors.

Eventually, we’ll be able to get back into the swing of things, but until then – here is one way you can help out your favorite small business: Reviews.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools for booking clients. Understandably so! Small businesses especially rely on advocates to help boost their company’s reach and attract more customers looking for the type of services they offer.  The caveat to this is that sometimes reviews can do more harm than good. A misstep in wording can attract the wrong client, or paint an unclear picture of the company.

Here are some beneficial tips for promoting a business you trust:

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Wording Is Key

In your review, be sure to use the appropriate keywords. Most of the time you can locate the company’s buzz words by looking at their website: luxury, budget-friendly, destination, etc. By using proper phrasing, you’ll play a part in attracting the right customers for the company you’re reviewing. Also, ask where your review will create the most impact! Google, Facebook, Weddingwire, Yelp, or another source.

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Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

This is crucial – wherever possible (preferred vendors page, blog post, etc) please be sure to include proper, functioning links. You could even reach out to the company and ask if they have a specific page they’d like you to link to. 

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Tidy Tags

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for helping promote your fellow business owner. Right now, thousands of potential clients are spending time on their Instagram (etc) looking for inspiration and so on.

When posting a picture – do your best to tag everyone involved, and maybe even a few publication profiles (Ruffled, The Knot, Green Wedding Shoes, etc). And when you’re tagging profiles, keep them tidy so that viewers can easily access those vendor’s profiles (as opposed to dumping them in the corner).

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Feature, Feature! Read All About It!

If you have access to a blog and/or a preferred vendors list – write an exclusive article about your favorite vendors! Couples & other event hosts – consider writing a dedicated post about each of your event’s vendors. This exposure will be worth it’s weight in gold once the event season picks up. Folks who are looking to plan an event will be on the hunt for reliable vendors: whether you endorse them or not, what events you’ve worked together on, and your experience with them – to name a few!

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