Daphne Dinner Plates


Always in style, these gold-rimmed dinner plates come decorated with a whimsical floral design that’s intricately embossed on the rim. The damask-like design is subtle and adds that extra special touch to your place settings!

“Damask” can trace its origins back to the Middle-East/ Asia but grew in popularity around the middle to late 18th century thanks to the French court. In most Damask patterns, you’ll find abundant blooms and lush foliage; our Daphne Dinner Plates are no exception! Feather-like accents and impressionistic Peony motifs are amongst the design elements you’ll discover on our Daphne Dinner plates.


Diameter: 10.75in


Color: white, gold
Material: Bone china
Embossed detailing/ Damask design
Gold rims on the outer & inner edges