“Eden” Two-Station Restroom Trailer

When the going gets tough, “Eden” gets going. Our line of luxury restroom trailers just grew by 2 stations! Eden is the latest addition to our line of luxury restroom trailers. Give your guests a comfortable space to conduct their business; An eden, if you will…


Length- 15ft with trailer hitch
Width- 10ft with steps down
Height- 11ft with AC vents


Color- white
Interior color- two tone gray
Required a dedicated 20 amp circuit / 120 volt outlet
Holds 200 gallons of fresh water, 75 gallons of waste water
Stations/Suites include: Faucets, Sinks, Illuminated Mirrors, Undermount Lights, a Urinal (Male side), Sit-Down Toilets (Male and Female sides)
Also included: AC, Speakers for music, Corian countertops, Discreet waste receptacles, Roof vents, Porch-style steps, Handles for safe entry/exit, Door locks for privacy
Optional décor & restroom attendant packages (additional fees)


When renting either of our luxury restroom trailers, it’s helpful to know the location prior to set up- in order to avoid trees, powerlines, etc.