Handwashing Station


With an eye-catching design and sealed water tank to ensure proper hygiene, our handwash station will thrill event coordinators who truly want both. Add our handwashing station to your rental of our Luxury Restroom Trailer!


Height: 64.5 inches
Width: 25.94 inches
Depth: 19.1 inches


Color: gray, ice blue
Fresh water: 20gal tank (concealed)
Waste water: 22gal tank (concealed)
No. of uses: 300+ (each pump releases 2.1 fluid oz of water)
Weight: 66 pounds / Full of water: 240 pounds


Fresh water and Waste water concealed, avoiding eye-sores
Can accommodate a variety of soap dispensers
Two handwashing areas, allowing fingertip to elbow washing
Hands-free pedals located at bottom of each handwashing area