Make An Impact With Pipe & Drape

When it comes to wedding planning or any kind of event planning, really, the list of ‘to-dos’ seems to grow longer, and as it grows there’s the not-so-faint sound of a cash register chiming in the background.With all of these expenses, it’s understandable that you would aim a magnifying glass at your list of décor.

Pipe & Drape might conjure images from an 80’s prom, but it’s 2019 people! Pipe & Drape has gracefully aged into a versatile décor option that can accent your event’s design, rather than mind-control your guests into doing the Sprinkler.

Need to cover an eyesore at your venue? Done. Want a killer backdrop for snapping selfies? Fuhgetaboutit.

Use your peepers to keep reading for our tips on how to use Pipe & Drape in impactful ways and a few Pipe & Drape ideas to style-up your next soiree!

First things first, what is Pipe & Drape?

*Puts on scholarly-looking spectacles* Pipe & Drape can be characterized as panels of heavy-duty fabric that can be used to add that pièce de résistance to a wall or backdrop.

How to use Pipe & Drape:

Any way you please! We know that’s not specific, so we’ve drawn some examples below 🙂

So yes, Pipe & Drape does make a difference! Check out our collection of Pipe & Drape via the images below 🙂

Photo credits: Josh & Rachel Photography, Victoria Angela Photography, Andi Mans, Jamie Reinhart Photography

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