Wedding Planning Tips To Keep You Organized & Enjoying Your “Big Day” From ‘Planning to Altar

couple getting married at the capen house in winter park florida
Photo by: 28 North Photography

The excitement of the Holidays is over, and you’re finally at peace, resting your head on your new fiance’s shoulder. You look down at your left hand and can’t help but smile at the ring on your finger. You and your favorite person are about to embark on one of the best chapters of your relationship – saying you two are in the tunnel of love would be an understatement.

But, between the nine to five work week and the other adulting obligations you have to deal with, the anxieties and stressors of actually planning the wedding might feel overwhelming. What type of wedding are you going to have? In what season? What’s the color scheme? Growing up, you always thought you’d have a summer wedding, but Florida’s weather has you thinking that maybe a winter wedding would be the safest bet. Or maybe a Fall wedding that has rustic tables and chairs with some red floral accents? Well, have no fear, because these early stages are more fun than you think – it’s time to get inspired. Once you and your boo have figured out the who, what, where – you can start to play around with decor ideas.

Pinterest and Instagram are about to become your new best friends. Use these wedding planning tips to stay cool, calm, and collected throughout the wedding planning process!

Add to your not-so-secret wedding board 😉

A good way to start is by following your preferred rental company on Pinterest and Instagram. Pinning ideas straight from your rental company’s page to your not-so-secret secret wedding board, will help you think of ways to use their specific products, as opposed to drooling over products from a different area entirely.

Do it for the ‘bookmark’

On that note, utilize the ‘save’ or ‘bookmark’ feature on Instagram for the same purpose. Tap the bookmark icon under your preferred rental company’s pictures to add them to your list of saves. Organize your list by creating different categories pertaining to your ideas: fall/ winter decor, boho vibes – you name it.

Walk through our “Venue Gallery”

We’ll let you in on a secret… venues are some of the best sources for inspiration. Your venue’s previous events are like a window of opportunity – showing you different possibilities for your event space. And hey! We have a gallery of central Florida’s event venues waiting for you. In our Venue Gallery, you can view our past work at some incredible places – some you know & love, others that are just waiting to be discovered.

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