Arthur’s Catering brought the heat- literally!

We recently had a very special, LIVE edition of #WarehouseWednesday where our Market Carts made their big debut. Arthur’s Catering came by and showed us how you can use this cart as a specialty drink station. The drink of choice: The Smoking Jacket! *ooooh & ahhhhs all around* We loved seeing the fire and smoke- plus the drink was sooo tasty!

We took this opportunity to ask some of Arthur’s team members, a few catering questions! Katie, an Event Designer at Arthur’s Catering, answered all of our curiosities while Michael Lowen made us the specialty ‘Smoking Jackets’.


Let’s get to it!


Kelly: What is a Smoking Jacket?

Katie: A Smoking Jacket is our version of an Old Fashioned. We hit [an orange peel with some flames] on the cedar plank, so we get a smoky flavor. Instead of sugar, we sweeten it with maple syrup, some fresh squeezed orange juice, and some bourbon!


Kelly: What are some other ways clients can use these market carts?

Katie: This is a great size for a dessert station. Right now we’re utilizing it as a beverage bar and there is plenty of space for our staff to stand behind! You can turn it into a 360-degree station with a whole bunch of desserts, different levels… there is plenty of room on this station!


Kelly: What is your favorite part of your job?

Katie: Every single day is different. One day you’re in a warehouse creating Smoking Jackets. Another day your at an airport putting together a huge event. Then another day you’re putting together a gorgeous wedding. Every day is different!


Kelly: What sets Arthur’s apart from other caterers?

Katie: I would say it’s our staff! We’re going on our 30th anniversary next year and we’ve had staff here almost the entire time! 25+ years… I think Charlie’s on 28 years!! Plus our service staff… they’re amazing and it’s what keeps our clients coming back time and time again.


Kelly: What is your favorite item?

Katie: My favorite, I think, is the Hoke Poke station. Carved, fresh ahi tuna. Guests get to pick all these delicious toppings to add to it and create their own poke bowl.

Michael: The Avocado Bar station!!



Kelly: What are some unique food and drink offerings?

Katie:This [Smoking Jacket] is definitely one of our most unique ones. It pairs perfectly with a Bison Burger that we do…. Sometimes we do a little buffalo in there with our Buffalo Chicken Meatballs and a Blue Cheese Celery Fondue. The Hoke Poke is really unique as well as the Avocado Bar. All-time favorite though is going to have to be, Flaming Donuts! It doesn’t get more unique than that!


Kelly: How do accommodate guests with dietary restrictions?  

Katie: We work really close with our culinary team. Our executive chef has created some incredible dishes that hit all of the common restrictions. For example, the Avocado Bar. You could be vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free; it all depends on how you make it! If your menu is not compatible with that, we’ll do separate plated entrees for those guests and deliver it right to their table!


Kelly: How far in advance should you book a caterer for an event?

Katie: The sooner the better! We don’t overbook ourselves because we want each customer to get the best experience. I would say a minimum of six months out but usually, a year out especially if you’re planning a wedding and you have that date in mind.


Kelly: When should guest counts be finalized for an event?

Katie: In an ideal world, 30 days out would be perfect. We have a lot of our operations meetings two to three weeks out. That’s really crunch time for guest counts.


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