Jared_s Luau-2646

We had the absolute honor & pleasure of being a part of a very special event- Jared’s Luau. While some of us at OWPR unfortunately didn’t get to meet Jared, his sister Rebekkah is a dear friend of ours. Jared’s Luau was founded as a tribute to Jared, as well as a chance to pay it forward- all proceeds from ticket sales and the silent auction were donated to the Serra family and The Ronald McDonald House.

“Jared loved Iron Man, and was a laid-back kid. I figured the best way to honor his memory was to celebrate his life and throw a party!” – Rebekkah

Check out photos from the event below, and slow your scroll at the end to view a video by Brandon Kari Productions!

Jared_s Luau-0001
Jared_s Luau-2699
Jared_s Luau-2676
Jared_s Luau-0043
Jared_s Luau-2636
Jared_s Luau-2651
Jared_s Luau-2670
Jared_s Luau-2652
Jared_s Luau-3043
Jared_s Luau-3544

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