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Let’s kick back and chat about vintage furniture- tables, desks, and bookcases to be exact!

It’s no wonder that vintage-inspired weddings are some of our most loved events. They stand the test of time even though they incorporate pieces of bygone eras. Why? The romance and mystery of the past will always be in style!

These pieces add an extra special decorative touch…
These antique store finds transform into a chic bar area, a pretty altar for the ceremony or an eye-catching guest book display.

the Knot

Vintage furniture blends a sense of familiarity with modern taste, combining old with new, resulting in a heartfelt design that doesn’t look out of place in the present tense.

Couples are flocking to this design trend because they’re craving uniqueness- rather than ‘cookie-cutter’ décor pieces. Retro furniture pieces allow the opportunity for creativity and allow the couple to show off their individual style, the décor they’re drawn to & have scavenged from thrift stores, and/or pieces that have been in their families for generations.

Can you tell that we love vintage furniture?

We’re here today to demonstrate a few ways you can jazz up your vintage desks/ tables/ bookcases with decor and other wedding necessities!

Photo by: Wings of Glory | Featured product: Charlotte

Cake Table

Love is sweet and so is displaying your many confections on a vintage-style writing desk! Our design tip would be to acquire different sized dessert stands to avoid a uniform look. An eclectic look goes hand-in-hand with vintage vibes.

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Assorted Display

It’s dealers choice with what décor you choose to display on your vintage desk or table! Set up shop with a seating chart (bonus points if you use an old-school typewriter), a photo display of you & your new spouse, or purely-for-aesthetic details (picnic baskets, milk vases, etc).

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Care for a Favor?

If we could choose a favorite, this one would be it! It’s always a nice gesture to send your guests off with a little somethin’ somethin’. Line them up on your vintage bookcase and let guests pick them up as they go off into that good night

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Side Table

Create a swanky lounge space complete with a stylish place to set drinks down while you’re two-steppin’ on the dance floor!

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