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Another weekend of events for the books! We’re raising our glasses in anticipation of a new week and today’s blog: how to set a table- properly! In the process of researching for this week’s topic, we stumbled across a lot of interesting facts about etiquette. For instance, did you know there’s a specific shape the glassware needs to form in order to indicate the beverages being served?

Well, now you know.

To make things easier, we’ve chosen a few etiquette tips to illustrate below with a little help from some of our fan-favorite chargers and flatware, as well as, the latest additions to our tableware collection. Now introducing: Atlas, Picasso, Onyx, and Maya!

We’re so excited to welcome these new tableware options and we’re equally excited to jump in to the ‘how-to’s’ of setting up a table for any event type!

Take a seat at our table for our table-setting tips!

feel free to download me!

The main difference between an informal place setting and a formal one is the items that are needed! You’ll notice for a ‘formal setting,’ there are utensils for various entrees & glasses for a variety of beverages. Typically, formal dinners are comprised of multiple courses thus, the items needed for each meal/ drink are available at the start of the meal to avoid any unnecessary commotion.

Informal place settings can apply for any number of occasions (breakfast, lunch, brunch, etc.) and don’t require as much serveware. The teaspoon is optional, but can also double as a dessert/ coffee spoon.

Of course, this is a template to which you can apply your personal style! Only serving one type of wine? Remove a wine glass! Just make sure it’s the proper stemware for your wine of choice. Also, you could add or substitute a glass with Champagne flutes.

Stemware | Glassware

The arrangement of your stemware/ glassware depends on the space available & what beverages you’ll be serving. Centerpieces and other décor items will help you determine what will or will not fit! Here are some popular configurations:

Triangle: the dessert glass (or Champagne flute) forms the highest point, the water glass is angled to the lower left, and the glasses for red & white wine are angled on the right side.

Diamond: same arrangement as above, except the white wine glass, is angled to the lower left of the red wine glass, and the sherry glass is placed to the lower left of the glass for white wine.

Straight or Diagonal: (most common); glasses are lined up in order of use, in either a straight line that’s parallel to the table’s edge or a diagonal line that is angled towards the table’s edge

Regardless of the arrangement, etiquette says that all glassware should be placed on the right-hand side. Servers are trained to distribute beverages on the right, and serve your food on the left to avoid the most-commonly-active hand: the right hand! Sorry, lefties.


Flatware tends to be the most confusing; no doubt the scene from Pretty Woman is popping up in your noggin‘ right about now. Have no fear! Flatware is set by the order of use. Salad & soup utensils are on the outside (salad forks tend to have fewer prongs!) and then the utensils for dinner are placed closest to the plate. Note: when you’re setting your table, a knife’s serrated edge should face the plate to avoid ouchies!

Tip: You can really get creative with your flatware placement. Our favorite way is to have the salad/ soup utensils higher than the dinner utensils, and the dessert/ teaspoon set horizontally above the plate. This set-up makes for a clean, symmetrical look that’s pleasing to the eye! Plus, it leaves room for name cards, menus, and other pretty things!


To our knowledge, there’s no wrong way of displaying a napkin- as long as, ya’ know, there’s one available! We like to use our napkins to dress up simple place settings. You could say… they tie everything together with a pretty bow. 😉

Statement Accessories

Holy moly, calligraphy makes a world of difference for place settings! Not only will your guests feel special to discover a place setting personalized for them, but they’ll feel comforted knowing they have a seat at the table, and most importantly, what’s for dinner!

Typically, we choose one or the other whenever we’re styling a tablescape, but honestly- there’s no rule when it comes to dressing up your table.

Work with your preferred calligrapher to design a ‘paper goods’ suite that fits your event the best!

All photos and graphics were done by Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals 🙂
Source for glassware etiquette: Martha Stewart
Menus and Laser-cut name cards done by the lovely Dogwood Blossom Stationery

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