The step-by-step process of how to rent with OWPR!

Photo: LH Photography | Featured Product: Ghost chair

It’s been a few months since “engagement season” which means the ‘recently engaged’ are a few months into planning their nuptials. We felt like it was the perfect time to piggyback off of a previous blog post of ours, Event Rental 101 For The Recently Engaged, and dish on how to reserve event rentals, step by step!

Conflicting reports on the interwebs say that anywhere from 6 to 3 months out from your event is enough time to book event rentals. Well, from the horse’s mouth: 6 months (at the very least) is preferable! However, we’re also of the mind to recommend booking your event rentals as soon as you know your date, venue, and guest count. Certain items are more in demand at various points of the year (i.e. Tents, farm tables, etc.) and so you should secure your must-have items before they’re going, going, gone!

Once you have the who-what-when-where, follow these steps to rent!

Photo: Andi Mans | Featured Products: Farm table, Mahogany Chiavari chairs, Gold-beaded charger plates, Gold flatware, Crystal votives

Step 1: You had me at “Wishlist Request”

Start by navigating our product pages and adding the items you want/ need to your request list via the “add to wishlist” button located on each product’s individual page!

Tip: your wishlist will follow you from page to page on the sidebar! This feature allows you to compare & check what you’ve already added.

Once you’re satisfied with your list, head over to the “Wishlist Request” page located in the main menu and complete the questionnaire with the details of your event. After all the fields are filled in, hit “submit” and you’re all set!

Event professionals: submit a request via your OWPR representative either on your behalf or your client’s!

Upon receiving your request, we’ll get to work checking availability and curating your quote. Our turn around time is 24-48 hours from the moment we get your request! You’ll receive your custom quote via the email you listed in our questionnaire. Your quote will include all pricing information and will remain valid for 30 days.

We custom quote our items so that we can factor your unique event needs into the price we offer!

Step 2: “So what’s the sitch?”

Following your quote, the next step is to chat with us! Maybe, even schedule a showroom appointment! Our event-rental experts will help guide you through the process of choosing the best items that fit your vision. Also, our experts are skilled at suggesting products you may not have thought of or that you’ve simply forgotten about. Whether it’s last minute weather changes or last-minute guests, they’ve got your back!

Step 3: Sealed with a Deposit

Like my quote? Gee thanks, just secured it… A deposit is what officially reserves your items including, a signed contract. Until we receive both, the items are up for grabs. Changes to your order can be made before and after a deposit has been made- but please note: deposits are non-refundable.

Step 4: Make change happen

With your deposit on the books, you can rest assured the items are reserved for your event (pending final payment). As you continue through the planning process, we encourage you to interact with our blogs & social media for added inspiration, tips, and event news!

Should any rental counts/ items need to change- this is the time! Changes to your order can be made up to two weeks prior to your event. Which is also when your final payment is due! You can always finalize payment and counts prior to two weeks ahead but we’ve been around the block long enough to know things happen. Changes made to rental counts/ items after the final payment are subject to availability and current rates.

Step 5: It’s the final countdown!

Along with the final payment, it’s time to finalize the details! This means: confirm your guest count, day-of contact, floor plan, and event times. For event times, we’ll need to know:

  • The earliest we can arrive to your venue
  • What time the event rentals need to be in place by
  • What time your event ends
  • What time we need to be out of the venue by

We use these times to create “delivery windows” for our movers & shakers– a.k.a our delivery crews! Floor plans also help our crews place your items exactly where you want them- so we’ll never say ‘no’ to a layout / diagram 😉

Step 6: Sit back & relax!

It’s the day of your event and it’s our job to provide you with one less thing to worry about! We’ll call the day-of contact (so as not to bother you!) you’ve listed on your contract to let them know when we’re on the way and when we’ve arrived. Communication might as well be our middle name!

After we’ve set your items in place, we’ll have your day-of contact sign some paperwork and we’ll be off- ready to return after the I-dos & goodnights.

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