Taking A Look At The Academy Awards Through The Ages

Ahh, Oscar’s night… wearing your finest gown and getting dolled up – only to realize you were daydreaming and you’re actually sporting your comfiest pajamas with a bowl of popcorn in your lap, ready to tune in and see who takes home the coveted ‘gold man.’ We’re right there with you, friends!

We love the Academy Awards, but our favorite bit comes after the pomp & circumstance. The after-party that no one gets to see… the Governor’s Ball! So, in honor of the 92nd Oscars Ceremony airing on February 9th, we’re rolling back the clock and taking a peek at not only this year’s Governor’s Ball but also those of decades past!

Year after year, thousands of Oscar winners flock to a dressed-to-the-nines ballroom, where they get to enjoy the finest of dining, and decor that’ll bring a tear to your eye.

The inaugural Oscars ceremony dates back to 1929, and really just started out as a swanky dinner ceremony.

But even then, the famous statuette was highly sought after. No one truly knows who “Oscar” is, but we do know that the original statues (pre-war) were made from gold-plated Bronze, and were set on top of black discs, made to represent a film reel. The five spokes on the film feel further represent the five facets of the Academy: Actors, Writers, Directors, Producers, and Technicians.

Given that the Academy got its start in the 20s, it seems only fitting that Art Deco is never far behind. The Oscar statue itself is a tribute to ‘Deco: a golden, crusader knight with a sword slicing into the film reel.

Year after year, whether it’s the award ceremony or the after-party, ‘Deco is never far behind.

For the 2020 Governor’s Ball, Sequoia Productions has been laboring for months to bring this year’s theme, Harmony & Relaxation, to life. Cheryl Cecchetto and her team will soothe guests into a relaxed stupor by creating a marriage between gold, bronze, copper, eggplant, and amethyst.

Photo from Bizbash

Hanging overhead will be thousands of light tubes crafted from sustainable materials – the underlying theme of the night, and future after-parties.

Photo from Bizbash

One of the most labor-intensive elements will be the countless floral installations. Basically, every inch of the Dolby Ballroom will be touched by structural floral elements comprised of groups of a single bloom, strung together. *Trend Alert!*

But what did the Academy Awards look like way back when? With the help of our good friend, Google, we’re bringing you the Academy Awards through the decades! Take a look!

1920s Academy Awards; Oscars.org
1930s Academy Awards; Oscars.org
1940s Academy Awards; Oscars.org
1950s Academy Awards; Oscars.org
1960s Academy Awards; Oscars.org
1970s Academy Awards; Oscars.org

Live in technicolor, the 1978 Oscars! Star Wars wins big for “Best Art Direction,” “Best Costume Design,” “Best Film Editing,” “Best Original Score,” Best Sound,” “Best Visual Effects,” and the “Special Achievement Award. The force is strong with the 78′ Academy Awards…

1980 Academy Awards; Oscars.org

Who would’ve guessed that the 1980 Academy Awards would see theatrics by none other than Kermit the Frog! Viewers were treated to a rendition of “Rainbow Connection” in honor of the muppet movie’s nomination.

1990s Governor’s Ball; Oscars.org

The 1990s paid tribute to the OG Oscar dinner – just look at the trees!

2000s Governor’s Ball; Oscars.org
2008 Governor’s Ball; Oscars.org
2010 Governor’s Balls; Oscars.org

2010 paid homage to the science of film excellence. The ambiance was made to feel futuristic.

2016 Governor’s Ball; Oscars.org
2019 Governor’s Ball; Oscars.org

Create your own oscar look – these are our favorite!

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