Behind the Scenes of our IG Live with Lee Forrest Designs!

Recently, we partnered with Lee Forrest Designs on an IG Live featuring our brand spankin’ new Geometric Arch. While he was here, we took the opportunity to pick his brain on all things arches, floral, and the marriage of the two! Not only is Lee Forrest a dear friend of ours, he never ceases to inspire us with his talent and eye for design. We hope you enjoy our Q&A with him!

What should couples know when ordering or booking floral for an arch/ arbor?

Make sure the arch style is appropriate for the venue–not all arches work visually in all settings.  Also, make sure you know the dimensions of the arch and that it will fit the space.  Obviously, a 10 foot tall arch will not work in a space that has 8 foot ceilings.  (We have encountered this before–we had to saw the side posts down to make it fit which basically made the arch useless for future events). 

What’s your prediction for “arch trends” in 2020?

I think we will see more geometric shapes being used–triangles, [hexagons] and octagons.  Anything that we haven’t seen done that much before.  Everyone is starved for new shapes and new ideas! 

What is one tip you have for choosing the right arch?

Make sure the arch [you choose] fits your theme.  A traditional garden arch probably isn’t going to jive with your modern, minimalist wedding–something more unique like an infinity arch might be more in line with the design.  Also, if you are getting married in front of a gorgeous tree, you don’t need an arch to block the view of the tree.  Perhaps an arch to walk through at the entrance to the ceremony area would be a better use of an arch, if you already have a gorgeous backdrop.

How can you transition the arch & floral in to another part of your wedding day?

Depending on the location and the type of arch, and the way the flowers are designed on it, sometimes an arch can be moved a few feet and placed behind a sweetheart table or cake table, but if moving the entire isn’t logistically possible due to the size of the structure, the weight of the structure, or the location of the ceremony in relation to the reception area, we can remove the flowers from an arch and lay them flat to create head table centerpieces–or suspend the floral cages from sconces around a ballroom or on pillars in a reception room.  Just depends on the architecture of the venue and what we are allowed to do.  Every situation is completely different. 

How do you attach floral to an arch?

We generally attach with zip ties or chenille wires, which don’t harm the structure: something that is critical if the arch is rented from a rental company or is owned by a venue.  If we own the structure ourselves, sometimes we will nail or drill screws into our structure if that works better because of weight issues. Florals on arches can get super heavy.

In your opinion, what floral/ designs make the most impact on an arch?

[It] depends on the setting.  Sometimes simplicity is best, but sometimes more is more and can give a greater impact.  Budgets often dictate what we end up doing design wise.  I do love incorporating fabric into certain designs, when it enhances the design.  In the case of a geometric arch, I think fabric hides too much of the structure and the beauty of the structure is diminished.  I either love super simple designs, or super elaborate designs.  

Aside from floral, what other elements can a person decorate an arch with?

You can incorporate fabric, hanging candles, fairy lights or crystals, or suspend  blossoms or other items from the top of the arch  (starfish are one example that we have done for a beach themed wedding–it looked super cool, and was a fairly simple design).  You can also drip an arch with greenery and vines–depending on the setting- this can be gorgeous and understandably elegant on its own.

Now that you’ve made it to the end, check out our Geometric Arch featured in this post!

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