Fine Art Wedding Inspiration: Artful Amethyst

modern fine art wedding with ghost chairs and quicksand roses at orlando museum of art


Our vision for Style Files is to put together styled looks that showcase an array of design styles and unique product pairings. We want to introduce you to inspirational looks that don’t always hit the mainstream- hidden gems that deserve a seat at the table. At the end of the day, we’d love to inspire your next event- whether you incorporate a little, or a lot!

The Big Picture

Fine Art Weddings… like, what? When we sat down to decide on February’s Style File, we wanted to avoid the obvious: Valentine’s Day. Instead, we settled upon styling around February’s birthstone, Amethyst. Purples can be tricky- if you don’t use the right tones, the palette can start to look like a nightclub a la Mardis Gras. This time around, Mardis Gras wasn’t the vibe. We started working towards this idea of a “Fine Art Wedding.” This design style focuses on delicate details, sophisticated & romantic aesthetics, and “soft” furniture pieces- to name a few.

Avoiding the status quo, we opted for a moodier color palette but still incorporated “soft” characteristics courtesy of the eggplant velvet linen from Over The Top. We brought the table into modernity with our Ghost Chairs and minimalistic gold flatware. Plus, the white marble floor of the Chihuly Rotunda at the Orlando Museum of Art was the perfect contemporary backdrop.

Acrylic details are inherently modern because they aren’t as visually heavy as materials of years past. Lucite (acrylics) automatically adds a futuristic quality to any space even though it can trace its roots back to the 1930s. Since it’s comeback in the 2010s, the design world has deemed it a “high-heel” decor piece, dubbing it the “cool kid” of modern furniture. Plus, it’s the perfect neutral. Which suited our needs just fine!

Another superpower that one can attribute to acrylics is that they look ‘at home’ in any design style. Having our ghost chairs pull a bit of a disappearing act made for an interesting design choice and awesome photos. A win-win!

Fine Art Details

One of our favorite elements in this look is the Selenite napkin holders. They’re so pretty! We didn’t want geodes covering the whole table, so as a nod to the idea, we used Selenite to tie in the geode concept and the translucent quality of our ghost chairs. We mixed in gold, braided napkin rings to match our gold flatware and the overhead structure. Our crystal china and matte gray dinner plates brought it home. These place setting layers acted like paint on a canvas- combining to bring the big picture together!

Frame By Frame

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room… the incredible floral structure crafted by Fairbanks Florist! This 6-piece beauty brought our table to life. It spoke to our theme of “fine art” by perfectly framing our set-up, as well as the incredible sculpture piece, Coriolis, by Mira Lehr.

The mysteries of nature are the subject matter of Mira Lehr’s work. [Coriolis] references the Coriolis Effect which is caused by the Earth’s rotation and induces the oceans and atmosphere to move in circular currents.

Orlando Museum of Art (OMA)

The fates aligned, and lady-luck was on our side since OMA was only recently gifted this piece by Mira Lehr. The fact that her artwork fit our theme like a glove was a gift from nature.

Another added bonus was the warm glow from OMA’s “Highwaymen” Exhibit. While Fairbanks Florist was setting up, we had a moment to wander through the galleries and snap a few shots of the exhibit. The glow from these galleries made our photos that much more special.

Venue – Orlando Museum of Art
Floral – Fairbanks Florist
Linen – Over The Top
Rentals + Photos – Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

8ft Banquet Table, Ghost Chairs, Faux Marble Charger Plates, Maya Flatware, Vintage China, Matte Gray Dinner Plates

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