do you have ____ ?

Chances are… yes! We strive to curate an event rental collection that takes care of a variety of event needs. And hey! You’re in the right place to check out all that we carry. Our website is the most up-to-date resource for our list of event rentals. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for – reach out to us anyway – we might able to offer a recommendation!

why are only some of your prices listed?

Items such as our tents and stages need a few more calculations (i.e venue location, size, etc.)  and so, sometimes a 1:1 chat is the best way for us to give you an accurate price. Go ahead and add them to your wishlist, and we’ll chat with you further about any prices that aren’t listed.

what do you mean by "event rentals?"

You say tomato, I say… Event rentals, as opposed to “event furniture,” encompasses a wide range of products needed for an event. And it just so happens to describe our inventory pretty well! We provide an array of products that you can rent for your event: from tents to tables, and everything in between. Hence: event rentals!

alright, sounds good! how do I rent from you?

It all starts with a “wishlist request!” As you’re perusing our products, add them to your wishlist with the click of a button. Once you’re satisfied with your list, head to our ‘My Wishlist’ page, complete the questionnaire, and submit. Boom!

We’ll follow up with your personalized quote within 24-48 hours (Mon-Thurs) or by the following Monday if you’re submitting your request between Friday and Sunday.

For more details, visit our ‘How To’ page. For a more in-depth look at our process, read our ‘Back to Basics’ blog post.

any fees i should know about?

We’re in the ‘no hidden fees’ business! We want to make sure you receive the highest quality of service, therefore we operate with these fees in addition to our rental prices:

  • Delivery Fee (varies based on your event’s location)
  • Setup & Breakdown (varies based on order)
  • Minimum Delivery Amount (varies based on your event’s location)
  • Deposit (officially reserves your rentals and varies based on order total)
  • Replacement Fee or Damage Fee (accidents happen! Replacement Fees vary by item)

when should i reserve my event rentals?

If you ask us: as soon as you know your date and venue!

If you ask the head honchos at WeddingWire: at least 6 months out from your event.

you say your staff delivers... do they set up as well?

Absolutely! Our Delivery Fee includes our experienced crews setting up your items exactly how’d you like them. Bonus points if you send us a floor plan ahead of time!

is there a way to see your products in person?

You betcha. We offer showroom consultations with our event specialists, by appointment only. This way we can set up the items you’re interested in viewing ahead of time! Please note: Items such as tents, stages, and other hulk-sized products are unavailable for viewing during showroom appointments.

But don’t fret! Check out our Inspiration Galleries and our Instagram to see these items in action.

i "lift," bro... so can i pick up my items from your warehouse?

While we commend your workout habits, it’s best to leave the heavy lifting to our experienced delivery crew members.

We do allow certain smaller items to be picked up from our office/warehouse. Chat with us for more information!

whats the skinny about tents?

You might be thinking, “Do I really need a tent?” Short answer: yes. Especially, if your event falls between April-August. We understand that it’s a big investment; But it’s an investment in your peace of mind – that no matter the weather, it won’t rain on your parade.

Tents are an outdoor essential for more than just rainy days. They help shield against harsh summer rays and can be paired with pedestal fans / outdoor heaters, alike. Nowadays, you can achieve the same look & feel of a ballroom while taking in the splendor of the great outdoors. A win-win!

To wrap things up:

  • Reserve / book your tent 3-6 months out – due to permitting requirements and availability.
  • We’ll help with determining the proper tent size of your event. When chatting with us about your tent needs, it’s helpful to know what’s going under the tent and your approximate guest count.