Tents are your Hakuna Matata– it means no worries!

Let’s face it, planning a wedding or any event for that matter, can be stressful! Especially, when the weather can change quicker than you can say “Florida.” No worries, we’ve got you covered! Literally. The outdoor weddings & events are coming and we know that you’ll want to soak up the sun but sometimes, rain happens. Consider getting a tent! Not only do they give you peace of mind, they’re visually stunning. All of our tents, with the exception of our gorgeous Sailcloth tent, are frame tents. That means no yucky poles will take up your event space, leaving more room for a dance floor, additional tables & chairs, staging, and more! Check out our range of tents and inspirational photos, below!



The Sailcloth tent

  • The newest tent in our inventory
  • Creates an open-air space that enhances day-time events & natural light
  • Dramatically glows with evening lights at night-time events
  • Size Available: 40′ x 80′

Photo credits: Jordan Weiland Photography, Rudy & Marta Photography



The Clear Tent

  • Shelters guests from the elements while still allowing for a view of the stars!
  • As seen in: Intent’s Buyers Guide 2016 & 2017
  • Size Range: 20′ x 20′ to 40′ x 110′
    • Ask us what size would be best for your event!

Photo Credits: Concept Photography, Rebecca Read Photography, Rudy & Marta Photography



The White Tent

  • Classic & Timeless
  • Stunning at any event especially, with our Elegant Tent Liner
  • As seen in: InTents Buyer’s Guide 2015
  • Size Range: 10′ x 10′ to 40′ x 120′
    • Ask us what size would be best for your event!

Photo Credits: Concept Photography, Dreamtown Co., Damon Tucci Photography


Be sure to check out all of our Tent options and our Tent Add-on’s!



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