of our skilled crews doing what they do best!

Event Details

This 40 x 120 white tent was setup on the Rotary Plaza at the Art & History Museums- Maitland. This outdoor space yields endless possibilities! For this charity event, the host wanted to have plenty of space for  an outdoor reception, and an area for a stage to hold announcements, as well as, a slide show.

We used concrete blocks to secure the tent due to the surface which the tent was set upon, and we knew this event would be a two-day setup, so the blocks helped with overnight safety measures.

On day two of the setup, the rain came so we had to work around the elements. To finish the setup, we constructed the stage, rolled in the tables, and placed the chairs.

Event Details

This 40 x 80 clear tent was setup on the Rotary Plaza at the Art & History Museums- Maitland. This tent was for a wedding and was a fairly standard installation.

We used concrete blocks to anchor the tent structure to the concrete of the Rotary Plaza. Our crews finished off the tent with leg drapes, market lighting, tables, and chairs.

While the setup was overcast, the couple and their guests were treated to a beautiful golden hour!

Event Details

This 40 x 180 clear tent was setup for a wedding located on Park Ave in Winter Park, FL. This was a two-day install and it was all hands on deck for our crews. We coordinated with the other vendors to make sure we setup the items in an efficient order so that they could perform their roles without interruption.

First came the tent and thankfully Sunbelt Rentals had already placed their generators and portable A/C so that we could arrive and immediately start installing the tent. Next, came our tent flooring. This event took over 300 pieces of tent flooring to complete! Our crews used dollys to roll the pieces over to the tent, and then teams of three locked the pieces together. A spotter was used to make sure the flooring remained straight the whole way down the tent. We closed off the tent with both solid side walls, and cathedral side walls.

The last item that was installed on day one was  market lighting. The client requested the lights to travel up the peak of the tent. At night, the tent top glowed with ambient lighting- perfect for dinner and dancing!

On day two, we finished off the tent with our outdoor dance floor, tables, chairs, and restroom trailer. It was slated to rain all day, but thankfully, Florida had other plans for this lovely couple. It drizzled in the morning, and was clear all night long with a slight breeze.