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You toured, picked, and booked your perfect wedding venue, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your wedding venue even more with the addition of event rentals. Any amazing space can be transformed into the wedding of your dreams with so many different rentals for your special day!

Our team at Wedding Venue Map loves that we have over 400 different and unique venues in the Central Florida area. If you haven’t found the perfect wedding venue for you and your fiance yet, consider using this free wedding venue search tool where you can sort through all of them with over 40 filter options!

If you’re not sure where or how you would use event rentals at your wedding venue, our partner Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals is there to help you figure out the perfect enhancements for your venue. There are plenty of ways you can utilize all kinds of rentals during your wedding day; including getting ready, the ceremony, and of course throughout the entire reception.

Fancy Up Your Getting Ready Spaces

The time you spend on your wedding day getting ready with those extra special people in your wedding party and family surrounding you can be such amazing moments. Your wedding venue may have very well thought out spaces for you both separately or they may have a space that could use some sprucing up.

To start, if that space doesn’t have come with much furniture, you might consider renting regular tables and chairs for some extra room. Consider how much time you’ll be spending there and how you are using the room. For example, will you be having snacks or a meal there or having your hair and makeup done in the space. 

colorful intimate wedding at capen house in winter park fl
Photo by: Kristen Weaver Photography | Products: 8ft Farm Table

Additionally, you can enhance your wedding venue’s ready space simply by renting linens to cover the tables they may already provide in the space that doesn’t match the look and feel for your wedding.

The Bridal Suite

Don’t forget, your photographer will more than likely be on-site to take some great shots during the time you and your bridal party are getting ready. Why not upgrade the space even more with a few more event rentals that you can use to get even better photographs!

Something you can add to the bridal suite for an extra seating option that will automatically make the space more classy and comfortable is a vintage Merriweather sofa! Giving your bridal suite an upgraded feel and a gorgeous area to take photos with your bridesmaids.

vintage furniture at blb hacienda
Photo by: Cricket’s Photography | Venue: BLB Hacienda | Products: Merriweather Sofa, Fred & George Chairs, Bella Donna

If your bridal suite doesn’t provide a separate changing area or has too many windows with no shades, utilizing pipe & drape could be the perfect addition to create a changing space.

The Groom’s Room

The groom and his groomsmen usually spend the day relaxing and enjoying until it’s time to get dressed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your wedding venue groom’s room with event rentals.

A small and simple addition would be a whiskey barrel table. It could be used as a display with their preferred liquor, custom drinking glasses for the groomsmen, cigars, or anything else that fits the groom and his groomsmen’s personalities. 

whiskey barrel bar from orlando wedding and party rentals
Venue: Winter Park Farmer’s Market | Product: Whiskey Barrel Bar

Something most couples might not consider when getting ready is that once the men have changed into their tuxes you won’t want them sitting to avoid creating wrinkles. However, you still want them to enjoy their space. A great solution to this is renting a few high top tables for their room to keep them away from the seats.

backyard brunch set up with pub table for rent
Products: Pub Table, Gold Chiavari Barstools, Silver Industrial Barstools

Upgrade Your Wedding Ceremony Area

While some ceremony spaces wow on their own and don’t need anything added to it, others might be the perfect opportunity to enhance your wedding venue with event rentals. This is where you can look towards rental companies like Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals for items to add to make the space more functional or unique.

If you’ve chosen a venue with no clear defined space to “hide the bride” during the ceremony, you can create a grand entrance space with a rental of rustic barn doors to walk down the aisle. 

The view is incredible, but there isn’t much except nature or architecture? Choosing to rent a backdrop element for you and your partner to say “I do” can add that missing decor piece. Great rentals for this enhancement are ceremony arches that come in so many different shapes. You can even add drapery or floral elements to dress them up. 

For those celebrating their love in the Jewish faith, you can carry out the tradition of getting married under the chuppah by renting one for your ceremony space.

Another unique way to make a backdrop for your ceremony space is to rent hedge walls that, like ceremony arches, can be enhanced with floral elements or even the addition of you and your partner’s monograms.

Level Up Your Wedding Reception

As you’ve read above, there are tons of creative ways to enhance your wedding venue utilizing event rentals of all kinds. Your reception space has a MILLION unique and fun ways to bring your dream wedding celebration to life in the most creative ways!

Using rentals to add to your reception layout such as a fun LED or checkered dance floor, even including a bar rental to bump up space in the form of a vintage VW Kombi Van.

If there’s a specific space at your wedding venue, such as a patio or outdoor area, that you’d love for guests to use during the reception but it’s not in the reception space, you should consider adding more interactive entertainment with the addition of game rentals like giant Jenga and Connect Four. It would give those guests their own space to play those games while enjoying the additional area!

Considering extra snacks or desserts? Check out the rentals of cotton candy or popcorn machines to give your guests a fun carnival-like experience. If you’re more interested in a dessert display, the way to go could be vintage tables or unique display items such as a vintage donut wall!

Adding a level of comfort for your guests

When enhancing your wedding venue reception space, it can be important to consider the comfort of your guests, including seating, temperature, and safety.

Creating a beautiful lounge area with vintage furniture rentals is the perfect way to give those guests a place to relax and talk if they would prefer not to be on the dance floor. Putting this seating area somewhere far enough from any music that may hinder conversation but also making sure it’s still close enough to the reception area for it to still feel like a part of the celebration.

Photo by: Kindle & Grain | Products: Dorian, Bella Donna, Nina Accent Tables, Gold Square Poufs

If your wedding reception is outdoors, you are at the hands of Mother Nature in regards to the temperature but you might regain some of that control and provide more comfort to your guests with the additional rental of space heaters or cooling units

Along with temperature, making sure your guests feel comfortable with the safety of their health is very important. Renting hand sanitizing or hand washing stations in addition to the safety measures of the venue could be a great way to ensure that.

hand sanitizing station for rent
Product: Hand Sanitizing Station

Enhance your tabletop decor

Other simple items you have the option to rent to enhance your wedding venue might include different style tables and seating for the reception to better match your overall design vision.

To enhance your reception tables, taking advantage of tabletop decor rentals such as table numbers, centerpieces, chargers, and tableware can also help tie into the vision of your reception space as a whole.

There are so many unique ways to enhance your wedding venue with event rentals during every portion of your special day. If you’re excited to add rentals to your space and want more tips or suggestions on how to enhance the space you’ve already rented, consider asking the venue coordinator, planner, or event rental specialist for creative ideas.

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Special thanks to Wedding Venue Map for contributing to our blog! These tips are fantastic and their wedding venue search tool is even more amazing! Let them help you find the perfect venue for your event.

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