A Look At Our Favorite Dance Floor Setups!

Photo by Big Vision | Featured product: Checkered Dance Floor

In 2019, Ballet is celebrating its ~200th birthday! Actually, no one really knows how old Ballet is… Having reached its peak in the 18th/19th century, Ballet has been an integral part of the arts and of various cultures. The characteristics of Ballet have been around for millennia and it’s even considered to be one of the first “organized” dances as it flourished during the Renaissance era. Prior to the Renaissance, “Ballet” had numerous aliases; the common thread amongst these “a.k.a’s” is that patterns, or shapes, would be made via the choreographed steps of the dance participants. So if you recall the dance scene in Pride & Prejudice between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy- that’s similar to the earliest notions of Ballet. Today’s style that we associate with contemporary Ballerinas (Neoclassical) has influenced dance forms across diverse genres such as modern dance and jazz.

This fun fact about Ballet coincides with today’s blog topic: Dance Floors! While you don’t need to be a Prima Ballerina to ‘cut a rug’ on any of our dance floors, we 1. love a good fun fact and 2. love to learn about the history of modern odds & ends.

We thought it’d be fun to round-up our favorite dance floor setups in honor of Ballet’s birthday! Join us and let’s get footloose…

Photo: That First Moment | Featured Product: Checkered Dance Floor
Featured product: White dance floor
Photo: Revelo Studios | Featured product: Wood dance floor
Photo: Castaldo Studios | Featured products: LED dance floor, LED cocktail tables
Photo: KT Crabb Photography | Featured product: Outdoor dance floor, White resin chairs, Market lighting
Photo: Christina Janel Photography | Featured products: Wood dance floor, Sweetheart farm table, Gold chiavari chairs
Photo: Concept Photography | Featured products: Clear tent, white dance floor
Photo: Rudy & Marta | Featured products: Outdoor dance floor, Clear tent, Market lighting, French country chairs
Photo: Wings of Glory Photography | Featured products: LED dance floor, Mahogany chiavari chairs

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