Outdoor Event Essentials For Those ‘Dog Days of Summer’

Summer is here, but so are our outdoor event essentials that can take the heat!

We’re breaking down the stuff you ‘outta know about our Pedestal Fans & Portable Cooling Units. Why?

Because now that Florida is showing its ‘true colors,’ we don’t want you to be unprepared for your summertime event. While we love the sunshine state, these are the breaks: it’s hot! And the Florida heat can put a damper on your backyard BBQ (for example).

Our pedestal fans & cooling units are a dynamic duo when it comes to cooling down your outdoor event and providing relief for your guests. When paired with any of our tents, they’re unstoppable!

You might think that tents are only useful when avoiding afternoon showers… Well, let us set the record straight. Tents are more than one thing. They also safeguard you and your guests against harsh summer rays! Plus, they ‘make sense’ of wide-open areas.

Want to know more? Check out these product specs and helpful tips that’ll allow you to “chill out” this summer:

  • Provides relief by circulating the air and preventing stagnate, warm air from settling.
  • Can be transformed into a Misting Fan!
    • You can’t put a price on feeling the sweet relief of cool water.
  • Can be adjusted from 60in, up to 81in tall; target specific areas.
  • Can be placed in a variety of locations- as long as they’re near a power source.
    • 20amp per fan, to be exact!

  • Circulates the air for up to 8 hours! Duration of use depends on the speed- there’s 3 speeds to choose from!
    • low, medium, high
  • Operates more quietly than a pedestal fan- important for all event types.
  • Set on wheels that allow the units to be placed in a number of areas- as long as they’re set near a water & power source!
  • Also requires 20amp of power (per unit).
    • Make note of any other items sharing the same power source

Photo by: Tara Libby Photography | Featured Products: 30×40 White tent, Elegant Tent Liner, Farm Tables, French Country Chairs, Chandeliers, Cooling Units

Can you spot the Cooling Unit?

Our crews will position your pedestal fans/ cooling units in an inconspicuous location that 1. doesn’t detract from your design and 2. efficiently cools down your event!

Also, they’re user-friendly!

Before we head off to the next delivery, our crews will show you how to operate your pedestal fans/ cooling units in case you requested your delivery a few days before your actual event, or if we’ve delivered on the day-of and you just want to hold off on having them on until an hour or so before your event actually starts.

Our recommendations:

We base our suggestions for how many pedestal fans/ cooling units you should have available at your event on whether your event is underneath a tent, or in a wide-open area. Also, we take into account your guest count! The more people in attendance, the warmer it feels (not to mention the outside temperature).

The range or space you’re looking to cover with pedestal fans/ cooling units greatly affects the number that’s needed!

On average, we recommend 2-3 cooling units when pairing them with a tent (3-4 per 100 people in a wide-open area). For pedestal fans, we suggest 3-4 when paired with a tent, and 5-6 for events being held in wide-open areas.

Graphics made by Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals
Note: our pedestal fans will not move side-to-side when in operation.
Featured image originally captured by JP Pratt Photography; Edited by us for this blog

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