Lustrous Sophistication: A Styled Wedding

Inspiration For Your Modern Wedding




Before we head out of the office to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to share with you some amaze-balls modern wedding inspiration. This styled wedding will have you running to the nearest store and buying all the Scandavian-type décor (same here- no judgement).

From the feature on 100 Layer Cake: “…many engaged couples are influenced by their past travels, [the concept designers] wanted to bring the idea of a trip to Iceland back home, in a fresh artful way.” LH Photography, Revel Co., and Eleven Note did just that! Subtle details were brought to life with ethereal paper, structural bouquets, and modern furniture rentals.

We might be a little biased because modern, minimal design is kind of our jam right now– but, this concept team hit it out of the park and brought this venue (Lakehouse) to life. Also, we’re going to need those pixel tubes from DJ Jacob Co. added to our office asap! Kthanks. 

Enough of our ramblings… here’s the good stuff! After you’ve watched the stunning video by Rad Red Creative- scroll down to view some stunning photos from the shoot. We’ve also linked the 100 Layer Cake feature below, as well as, the vendor list! You’re welcome 🙂







Take a look at the full feature on 100 Layer Cake!




Concept + Photography- LH Photography

Concept + Stationary- Eleven Note

Concept + Installations- Revel Co.

Venue- Lakehouse Lake Nona

Statement ring- Sommi Jewelry

Wedding rings- Honey Jewelry Co.

MUA- The Misses MUA

Hair- Shear Katrina

Cakes + Desserts- The Pastry Studio

Models- Gabi Berhel & Alex Samson

Cocktails- The Courtesy

DJ + Lighting- DJ Jacob Co.

Videography- Rad Red Creative

Wedding dress- Calvet Couture Bridal

Dress designer- Sarah Seven

Dinnerware- Treasury Rentals

Ghost chairs- That’d be us! 🙂

Planters- Piante Design

Florals- Gatherer Floral Co.




Deck The Halls: Renting For The Holidays 101

Four Tips For Renting Like A Pro During The Holidays

Happy Holidays! It’s the happiest time of year; Gatherings are being planned and cheer is in the air. Want to know how you can rent event furniture- like a pro? Keep reading, to see our top 4 tips for renting during the holidays!

Home for the Holidays

One of the major benefits of renting event furniture for your holiday gathering, is that your abode will be styled to the nines without the added need of storage. Plus, you and your guests will be able to share a meal over a beautiful tablescape- one that’s sure to be brought up at next year’s gathering!

Some items to consider renting for your holiday shindig:

Be proactive- don’t wait for the new year (like most of your resolutions).

It’s a busy time of year- not just for holiday parties, but weddings too! This means availability is going faster than you can say santa. Early bird gets the worm, so we suggest submitting your wishlist at least two weeks before your event. Remember, items such as tents will need to be given more advance notice! Also, since it is busy season: we might experience higher call volumes, therefore we recommend submitting your requests either via email or our website’s wishlist form!

Be flexible with the delivery / pick up / drop off date!

This tip is crucial! We love the holidays and our staff does too. In celebration, we close up shop on certain holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc). This may result in certain days leading up to your holiday event being unavailable for delivery or pick up. To secure your preferred delivery time/day (etc), try to book your items well in advance! We understand that last-minute parties happen (can we get an invite?), so we’ll work with you to schedule a drop off / pick up time that’s convenient for you and fits within our holiday delivery schedule.

Understand the pick-up procedures!

While we allow some items to be picked up from our warehouse, there are a few ground rules to follow. We know… sorry! Prior to your pick up date, our office staff will go over all the things you’ll need to know and do! One thing to plan for: is having a covered vehicle, such as a SUV or compact car. This allows for whatever you’re picking up to be secured and not in danger of falling out onto a roadway. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions regarding our pick up procedures!

Photos from:

Your Guide For Common Event Industry Lingo

A short glossary of ‘what the heck’ Event Professionals are talking about.



When us Event pro’s get together, it can sound like we’re speaking another language- especially when words like: “strike” are being thrown around. Today’s blog discusses a few common terms and phrases that you might hear during the event planning process.



The Lingo:


Zero – K


8-1-1; “Call before you dig!” This hotline is used to see what’s below the surface of your yard (etc). We use this when we’re installing tents, to make sure there aren’t any power lines, water mains, etc.

Arbors vs. Arches; Basically, they’re the same thing! The only difference being: Arches are typically curved structures, while Arbors can be both curved and rectangular.

Arm Chairs vs. Club Chairs; Arm chairs can be seen as the “main category” while Club Chairs can be considered a “sub category.” Club chairs are typically thicker and could also have shorter legs.

Banquet Table; A basic table style, usually available in sizes: 8ft or 6ft.

Bar Back; A shelving unit or bookcase placed behind the bar to display bottles, hold extra glassware, etc.

Boutonniere; A small floral arrangement pinned to the lapel of tuxedo/ suit jacket.

Bouquet; Also described as “Personal Floral,” a bouquet is an arrangement of floral that you hold as you walk down the aisle.

Bustle; Framework used for fullness at the back of a wedding dress. Modern gowns utilize buttons and string-pulls to gather the bustle in a way that allows the wearer to dance/walk more easily.

Chafing Dish; A metal pan with an outer pan of hot water, used to keep food warm.

Charger Plate; A decorative plate that’s placed under the dinner plate to add color and texture to the place setting.

Force Majeure; A French term that means, “superior force.” It describes a clause, commonly listed in a contract, that exempts a vendor from carrying out his/her duties due to extreme circumstances- that couldn’t have been foreseen. Ex. Hurricanes.

Delivery Window; A timeframe we use to help determine our delivery schedule. For each event, we create our “window” based on these times: earliest we can arrive at the venue, when your rentals need to be set by, the end-time of your event, the time we need to be out of the venue.

Ecru; A term used by stationery professionals to describe unbleached cream or ivory paper.

Event Insurance; A form of liability insurance. Can include coverage for: damages, overtime fees, etc.

Event Rentals vs. Event Furniture; You say potato…. They’re pretty much the same thing. Event rentals tends to cover a wider range of products such as: tents, staging, etc.

Flatware vs. Silverware; They’re basically the same thing! Flatware is used when the forks, knives, etc. aren’t silver.

Fondant; A hard frosting made of sugar and water, that’s mixed / cooked / cooled. Used on the outer layer of cakes.

Glassware vs. Stemware; They’re basically the same thing! Stemware is typically used to describe wine glasses and champagne flutes, while Glassware could be used to describe cocktail glasses and vintage goblets.

Heft; In terms of vintage furniture, it describes the “weight of appearance.” For example, a Club Chair would be considered to have a heavy appearance, therefore, it carries a lot of heft.

Highboys; Another term for “tall cocktail tables.”

King Louis Chairs; A seating style derived from French interior designs. These chairs can be seen to have a round/oval back, armrests that extend from front to back, fabric seats enclosed in wood frames, and more. This seating style has seen decades of design evolution!


L – Z


Load In/Out; Terms that can be interchanged with “Delivery” and “Pick Up.”

Maid/Matron of Honor; An unmarried / married woman (respectively) acting as principal bridesmaid. Fun fact: bridesmaids used to act as the bride’s bodyguards! They would protect the bride from evil spirits and those wishing to do harm.

Nosegay; A small, densely-packed bouquet gifted to a person of great importance to the bride.

Palette; Describes the range of colors used in a work or design. Palette could also be interchanged with “Wedding Colors.”

Pipe & Drape; Also know as: “Draping,” Pipe & Drape refers to decorative panels of thick of fabric, used to cover eye-sores in an event space / add interest to an event space.

Place Setting; Table service for a single guests. Settings typically include: flatware, glass/stemware, and dinnerware.

“Plus Plus” ; A catering term used to describe the “cost per person.” Ex. The price is $30++ (one + refers to gratuity, the second + refers to tax).

Pomander; A round, densely-packed bouquet typically used by the flower girl(s). Could also describe the bouquet used at the top of candelabras.

Royal Icing; A hard, white icing that’s made from egg whites and powdered sugar. Used to decorate cakes.

Stanchions; An upright post, bar, or frame used to act as a barrier.

Stationery Suite; Term used to describe all stationery sent to guests. Includes: save-the-dates, invitations, reply cards, reception cards, etc.

Sternos; Portable food warming tools that are placed under Chafing dishes.

Stretcher; In terms of vintage furniture, Stretchers are horizontal support elements that “tie” two furniture pieces together. You’ll notice these on our Clover Sweetheart Chairs!

Strike; Another term used to describe “pick up,” and “load out.”

Tablescape; Another word for table arrangement. Typically includes the place settings and centerpieces.

Tableware; Typically includes: flatware/silverware, glassware/stemware, dinner plates, etc.

Uplighting; A small, often portable, light box that’s used to display lights/patterns on a wall.

Vellum; Heavy, transparent paper that’s often used as an overlay on wedding invitations.

Vintage Furniture vs. Retro Furniture; Vintage/ Antique furniture can be classified as furniture pieces that are 100 years or older. “Retro” refers to furniture of the recent past.

Wedding Design Styles (a brief list);

  • Beach/ Tropical – characterized by a “laid-back” style. Common elements used: palm leaves, pampas grass, bright floral, driftwood, soft pastels/neutrals, seashells.
  • Bohemian – best known for the “hippies-at-heart.” ‘Boho’ can be characterized by the whimsical vibes this design style evokes, as well as, the romantic and care-free vibes it promotes. Common elements used: desert/western décor, geometric shapes, unkempt floral, fringe, crochet lace, vintage furniture; Really, anything goes with this style.
  • Classic – characterized by bright neutrals and simplistic décor. Common venues for this design style: ballrooms, estate homes, and country clubs.
  • Glam – best characterized by bling!
  • Minimalist- perfect for couples who believe: “less is more.” This design style derives its vibes from modern looks. Common elements used: geometric décor, muted/neutral color palettes, industrial elements, wide open-space.
  • Romantic – a concept that focuses on transforming a space with a whimsical, fairytale vibes. Common elements used: hand-tied floral, pastels, vintage furniture, ballgowns.
  • Rustic – characterized by ‘country-side charm.’ Rustic designs evoke coziness and heart. This style is all encompassing, and includes our girl: Joanna Gaines’s Modern Farmhouse aesthetic.
  • Shabby Chic – not quite ‘rustic’ and not quite ‘romantic.’ This style places an emphasis on an eclectic feel. Common elements used: rustic décor, vintage furniture, pastel colors, wood elements, playful details.
  • Themed-Wedding – characterized by the design of an event corresponding to a specific idea. Ex. Roaring 20’s, All-White Party, etc.

Wedding or Event Planner / Coordinator / Designer;

  • Planner – these event pro’s are all about the logistics. They take the guesswork out of the planning process, making the event as seamless as possible.
  • Coordinator – synonymous with “planner,” but coordinators could take on fewer hours than planners. They might handle the day-of stuff and function as the point of contact on the big day.
  • Designer – as you can imagine, designers are all about the aesthetics. They help with decisions that’ll lead to a cohesive and stylish event




Photo credits: Blue Ribbon Weddings, Jessica Perez Photography, Art and History Museums- Maitland, Gatherer Floral Co.
Featured products: Bamboo folding chairs, white tent, lighting


Read More About Our Fall 2018 Lookbook

We’re hooked on a *fall* feeling

We love new things! That’s why Fall is such a fun time of year!

  •      New colors *our favorite color is 100% Quetzal Green*

That’s why we decided to do something new: creating a special lookbook just for you! This lookbook was inspired by blending our products, new and old, and the wonderful *feelz* you get when you think of fall. If you’re curious about how this lookbook came to be- read along! Maybe you can’t contain your excitement, then… click here!

We developed our lookbook for a couple of reasons. One: we wanted to showcase our products, duh! Two: we wanted that showcasing to be up to date with the ever-changing trends and of course… the season! Three: we wanted to give attention to the little guy: intimate gatherings!

Our inspiration for this look came from family gatherings around the dinner table. What’s fall without loved ones and lots of food!? Speaking of family, we also took some inspo from our favorite “Fixer Upper” couple! We fell in love with a teal {Quetzal green if we’re getting Pantone official} Hearth & Hand table runner- which we used as the base for our design!


We put our whole heart into this new lookbook and we’re very proud of the result! Hopefully, you love it as much as we do. Special thanks to the Art & History Museums – Maitland and Bluegrass Chic for collaborating with us!


Products: Galvanized Metal Charger Plates, Rattan Wicker Charger Plates, Gold Flatware, 8 ft Farm Table, Farm Bench, Vintage Brown Mismatched Chairs, Vintage Mismatched China Plates, Ivory Napkins

Vendors: Art & History Museums – Maitland, Bluegrass Chic

Fall Color Palette Inspiration

Pantone Color Report Fall 2018



We get so giddy with the thought of Fall… Especially when us Floridians spend most of the year on the surface of the sun. Yes we’re being dramatic, but it’s also somewhat true. One of the things we love most about Fall are the color palettes, because at the base of every great design is a perfectly matched color scheme!

In this blog, we’re serving up some Fall color palette inspiration along with the intention behind each hue.

If you’ve been around the block, you know that each year Pantone releases their top picks for seasonal colors. This momentous occasion could definitely be considered the event industry’s NFL/NBA draft. 

It’s so exciting to see what colors we may get to play with throughout the year, as they catch the eyes of our clients. 

Institute Press characterized Pantone’s picks for Fall 2018 as: “Autumnal hues that evoke the feeling of leaves on the forest floor, rich plumage and twilight reveal a modern fall palette of deep and rich tones with outbursts of colorful surprise.” Now that sounds like a romance novel- so color us ready for a stroll through the forest.

While this doesn’t look like a “traditional Fall color palette” we love its opportunity for unique looks. After all, self-expression is always in style!




Red Pear: Deliciously deep red, whose luscious depth entices.

Valiant Poppy: Brave and outgoing red shade effusive in its allure.

Nebulas Blue: Reminiscent of twilight, a thoughtful, starry-eyed blue.

Ceylon Yellow: Savory and spicy yellow adds an exotic touch.

Martini Olive: Smooth, sophisticated and urbane green adds depth to the Fall/Winter 2018 palette.

Russet Orange: This forest floor orange speaks to earthen warmth.

Ultra Violet (Color of the year!): Inventive and imaginative Ultra Violet lights the way for what is yet to come.

Crocus Petal: A cultivated and refined hue adds a light and airy spring-like feeling demand.

Limelight: Animated and effervescent, a pungent yellow-green becomes the center of attention.

Quetzal Green (Our personal fav!): A deep elegant blue-green hue suggestive of rich plumage.



Photo: Chelsea Renay Photography, Runway Events
Color Report, Definitions, and Colors by Pantone.
Graphic by OWPR


Featured Products:

8ft Farm Table, Brown Mismatched Chairs



How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Arch

Wedding arches, columns and arbors are one of the most important pieces of decor for your wedding. All eyes will be on you during your ceremony and the surrounding decor should do nothing but complement the most special of moments. Wedding arbors are great for defining your altar space. Since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s easy to decorate arches in a way that ties in with your overall theme! Here are some key factors to consider when deciding on your wedding arch!



Infinity arches are perfect for incorporating lush greenery and florals. You can cover an entire arch, top-to-bottom, with flowers and foliage to create a whimsical – woodland archway. It’s also easy to keep it simple by cascading your decor on one side of the arch while leaving the rest exposed. This style is perfect for more minimal arches.  



Draped arches are perfect for adding more statement flowers with bright pops of colors. This style of arch is perfect for couples who love to customize. Switch up the size, drape pattern, drape colors, and more- to create your signature look.



They may be “traditional” but arbors are perfect for outdoor ceremonies and can be easily transformed with floral as a statement piece!



Wedding arches, and arbors open up many opportunities to get creative and add your personal flair throughout your wedding ceremony! To help you get started on your arch and arbor decorating, ProFlowers created an in-depth guide with all sorts of wedding arch inspiration for any theme!



Featured Products: Wood Arbor, White Arbor, Infinity Arch, Draped Arch

Vendors: Melanie Paige Events, Dani Nichol Photography, Olivia Bowen Bridal, Fern and Curl Designs, Citrus Club, Rhodes Studios, Treasury Rentals, Art & History Museum – Maitland, Sassy A La Mode, Samantha Hart Makeup, Sandy Tucker Stylist, Andi Mejia Calligraphy & Design, Lowe & Behold Events, The Soiree Co., Nima Photography, The Grove Resort, Carousel Atelier, Pavone Events



Modern Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

A Modern Bohemian [Rhapsody]



We’ve got modern bohemian vibes on the brain!

Recently, we took part in a modern bohemian wedding inspiration photoshoot at the gorgeous Art & History Museum- Maitland. This venue is jam-packed with old-world charm and Mayan Revival architecture from the 1940’s. Melanie Paige Events was inspired by the grounds, and transformed the Chapel and Courtyard space into a modern-boho dream!



Bohemian design meets acrylic details with this ceremony and reception set up. Our ghost chairs have a weightlessness to them, allowing the architecture to speak for itself, while creating a modern & cool effect. For the tablescape, our 8ft acrylic table kept things from appearing heavy as it was adorned with floral and geometric charger plates from Treasury Rentals. Our ghost chairs were transitioned from the ceremony space to the mock reception, keeping a consistent look.


To infinity and beyond!

We are absolutely in love with how our Infinity arch was transformed! While it’s beautiful on its own, we can’t help but be obsessed with the hanging pieces and statement floral.

And can we talk about the dress for a moment?! The fringe, wow. The crochet / lace detailing, WOW. Stunning!


The takeaway:

Boho vibes aren’t all teepee’s and deserts. You can truly make this design style you’re own- especially being in Florida, where there are no deserts… obviously. We love the idea of mixing in modern details because it’s like you’re getting the best of both worlds! The key to a bohemian [rhapsody] is a care-free attitude and some fringe (which never hurt anyone!). 



Check out some of the photos from this ‘shoot, below!





Featured Products: 8ft Acrylic Table, Ghost Chairs, Infinity Arch

Vendors: Melanie Paige Events, Art & History Museum- Maitland, Dani Nichol Photography, Olivia Bowen Bridal, Fern & Curl Designs, Sassy A La Mode, Treasury Rentals, Makeup with Samantha Hart, Sandy Tucker Hair


How To “Put Your Stamp” On Acrylic Chairs

A Perfect Touch of Personalization


We are head over heels for all things lucite! From ghost chairs to an acrylic sweetheart table, there are so many gorgeous options to choose from. One reason we are so obsessed: because they add a unique dimension to any space! The clear characteristics are modern and have the WOW-factor you want. Yet, that same clear element frames everything else in the space.

These chairs are also the perfect blank slate for a little personalization. With a little help from an amazing calligrapher… you can totally customize a White King Louis or Ghost Chair! Whether it’s your name, your guests’ names, or something cute like “hubby and “wifey”- you can totally add that personal touch to your seating.





















Vendors: The Hons, Dogwood Blossom Stationary, Blush by Brandee Gaar, Swag Decor, Lee James Floral Designs, Omni Orlando at Championsgate, Over The Top Rental Linens

Featured Products: White King Louis Chairs

Mini Styled-Shoot • Santorini Meets Vintage

From Pin-spiration to Real-Life Perfection

Earlier this week we were pinning away when we came across some gorgeous images (see collage below). We felt immediately transported to the island of Santorini. Of course, we imagined the fresh produce, beautiful homes and breathtaking views. All we wanted to do was hop on a plane and head to Greece. So we did! Just kidding, but we took those greek vibes and transformed them into our own fresh “tablescape” – well actually a “desk-scape” if we’re being literal. We used the Blue Collection from our Vintage Mismatched China in combination with some other vintage pieces. The royal blue and stark white contrasted perfectly, for a fun and fresh look you’re sure to love.




In conclusion… we need a trip to Santorini ASAP. Until then, we’ll just stare at these photos all day long and simply pretend we’re there!


Featured Products: Vintage Mismatched China Plates, Vintage Carrie Desk, Rattan Wicker Charger Plates, Gold Flatware, Vintage Dolly Dessert Stand, Vintage Brown Mismatched Chairs


1920’s-esque, Dark and Moody Wedding Inspiration

“Don’t mess with the Peaky Blinders!”


Alright Lads… While it’s not Birmingham, the Howey Mansion fit the role perfectly of being the backdrop for this brooding, Peaky Blinders inspired styled-shoot. Can we say that, For the Love of Events nailed this flapper-era theme?! There are so many great elements that they brought together, from the candlesticks to our black king louis chairs. Not to mention, we’re big fans of the show so we sorta geeked out a bit when they came to us with their vision. Paying homage to Grace and Tommy’s wedding from the show, coordinators April + Amanda opted for vintage décor with roaring 20’s mementos.  



– If you keep up with WeddingWire’s 2018 Wedding Trends Report then you’ll know that dark and moody color palettes will be HUGE this fall, so Pin this blog to your wedding inspiration board because we’re expecting a surge of 1920’s vibes this upcoming Fall wedding season.






“Peaky Blinders”:

Venue- The Howey Mansion
Coordinator- For the Love of Events
Photographer- Lilly and Lilly Photography
Floral- Lavender and Lace Wedding Florist
Hair- Brittney Boscana
Specialty Rentals- Ocean Hawk Rentals
Dress + Accessories- All Brides 2 Be

Featured Products:

Black King Louis chairs, Vintage charger plates, Mismatched china plates, Lace Runners