Lounge Furniture Ideas For Your Next Event!

Photo by: The Hons | Featured Product: Speakeasy Set, Hedge walls

We’re back with another round of our Blueprint Series! This time, we’re chatting about our Lounge furniture and the different ways you can set up our pieces for a unique look of your own making!

Lounge furniture is a great option for all event types; it prevents your guests from being confined to their reception seats and creates a party-like atmosphere for when the lights turn-down-low. Also, your party-goers can rest their feet without missing any of the action!

Check out our Lounge Furniture Configuration Ideas below, and download it for future reference!

Side note: New lounge pieces!

Let us know what you think!

Graphic made by Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

Featured products: Roulette Set, ‘The Buzz’ Charging Tower, High-Roller Bench, Casablanca Set / Chaplin Set, Rummy Set, Speakeasy Set

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