5 Creative Ways to Use a Donut Wall

Thinking Outside of the ~Pink~ Box 

We LOVE a good donut: boston creme, maple, glazed, powdered… we could go on. These sugary snacks are just one reason we love donut walls. You’ve probably seen them all over Pinterest. So we thought of some new, creative ways to use these fun, dessert displays!

1. Bagels

  • They’re super similar to donuts in terms of shape, so they look awesome on the display board! A bagel wall pairs perfectly with a coffee bar at a late night reception or post wedding brunch. YUM!

2. Coffee

  • Did someone say coffee? After a long night of dancing, your guests deserve some delicious caffenation. Rent some mugs or DIY your wedding emblem on some thrift store finds. Place the mugs on the pegs and display next to the coffee station.

          P.S. If you’re guests aren’t caffeine fiends, opt for a tea station!

3. Candy Cane Seating Chart

  • Is your wedding during the most wonderful time of the year? If you’re feeling merry and bright,  try incorporating some Christmas traditions into your wedding day. Take a candy cane and tie a little ribbon with the guests name and table number. Hang each candy cane from a peg. VOILA! When your guests go to find their seat… they’re greeted with a treat.

4. Hanging Plant Favors

  • Give a gift that keeps on growing! We’re talking plants: succulents, cacti, or flowers! Plants are an amazing gift because they’re the perfect mix of decorative and utilitarian. Find a dangling pot, or DIY a fun macrame pot holder and hang it from the peg. Ba-da-bing ba-da-blossom.

5. Shot Seating Chart

  • Take a shot and have a seat is our motto for this one! This seating chart is perfect for the couple who wants their wedding to be a big party! First, find a shot glass with a fun little handle (if you want to pre-fill it with spirits– find some lids too). Second, create a fun, little paper sign to display your guest’s name and attached it to the handle/glass. Lastly, hang them from the pegs and get ready to parrtayyy.


Until the big day approaches, use this blog as an excuse to treat yourself. Grab a donut tomorrow morning (or like, right now)… you deserve it.

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To Tent or Not to Tent

Important factors to consider for your Florida wedding


Getting a tent for your wedding might seem like a clear decision or it may have never crossed your mind. Either way, at OWPR, we have some strong opinions about the importance of tents. We have 10 years of expertise in dealing with outdoor weddings. These experiences have led us to see the good, the bad and the ugly. With that being said, we are altogether pro-tent.

And so, here are four compelling reasons why you should consider a tent for your wedding day:

We live in Florida.

  • Outdoor weddings are stunning and provide a distinct atmosphere compared to an indoor wedding. With that being said, Florida is known for its warm… well let’s be honest, hot weather. A tent can provide barrier from the direct sunlight. This elegant shelter keeps it cool, without tragically changing everything you’ve imagined for your wedding day. Consider adding on cooling units and fans to provide relief for those dog days of summer.

YEAH, it’s Florida.

  • We all know the weather is unpredictable here in the Sunshine state. We’ve seen it a million times: a perfect day turns quickly into monsoon season without warning. If you’re superstitious, rain on your wedding day is great! But, if not everyone feels like singing in the rain.. Keeping a tent on the rental back-burner may just save you and your guests from a fortuitous downpour.

They create a happy medium.

  • If you’ve been on Pinterest recently, you’ve seen the hot trends: dangling greenery/florals, hanging lights/chandeliers, and  swooped drapery. They’re usually limited to use in an indoor space. With a tent, these mostly indoor decor items become possible outdoors! Tents create the perfect happy medium between an indoor and an outdoor space.

They’re a perfect backdrop!

  • We may be biased, but we think tents are a stunning addition to a wedding. If you’re excited for all the wedding photos then you should know that tents are extremely photogenic. Take a look in our product photo gallery to see how people, furniture and decor all come alive under the big-top.

Yes, there are a million pinterest-y (yup, that’s an adjective around here) decor items to turn your tent into a dream. Here are some handy-dandy items we believe make a tent a TEN outta ten.

  • Chandeliers and market lights add some necessary luminosity to the night.
  • Portable cooling units and Outdoor space heaters keep your tent at a comfortable temperature.
  • Restroom trailers that are equipped with all of the comforts of home.  Private residences and some outdoor venues don’t always have the necessary facilities to conduct a lot of business.
  • Tent flooring can give your Jimmy Choo’s some stability that even Miranda Priestly would approve of.



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4 Tips To Ensure Your Event Is A Success!

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Today’s blog post is brought to by Cara with Eventbrite! She’s sharing four tips that’ll guarantee a successful event- no matter the occasion!

The planning process for any kind of event is undoubtedly challenging. From catering and a venue, to guest lists and entertainment, there are lots of decisions to be made. With these tips, you’ll be able to conquer any planning difficulties!


Budget Management-

Before any planning begins, it’s important to sit down and decide how much money you are able to spend on the event in total; a financial “blueprint.” Weddings and corporate events have different kinds of expenses, and having a clear understanding of which you need to spend on will be crucial when hiring vendors. Really think this step through, as there are many things that are easily overseen during the planning process – from vendors and venues, to parking arrangements and security. Having all of these things accounted for and in order will ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible. If planning a wedding, consider your non-negotiables. When planning a corporate event, think long and hard about the group you intent to have in attendance. Is music and entertainment most important to your audience, or could they do with some light background music and a playlist created internally by your team? Another vendor trick is asking if they offer options for submitting payments in advance to avoid having every bill due right before or day-of your big event.

Start planning earlier than you may think necessary-

Once you have a budget in place, create a prioritized list of dates you’d like to hold your event. Don’t wait to check the availability of venues, also most vendors won’t be able to quote pricing for their services until they know where the event is being held and on what date. There are certainly a lot of moving pieces involved in planning an event – so as soon as you narrow down a venue, look into caterers, rental companies, photographers, florists and entertainers as soon as possible. It is likely that not everyone you like best will be available on the date you have chosen, and that’s where the prioritized list mentioned before comes in handy. To help with this planning process, there are many checklists catering specifically toward weddings and corporate events alike that can make your life easier. Even if you don’t want to rely on a checklist entirely, they are great resources for double checking to ensure you have everything in order to make sure your day goes off without a hitch!

Get online-

Your venue is booked, your caterer and entertainment are chosen and things are starting to really come together! The next thing to worry about is getting your audience informed and excited. In this day and age, there’s no better way to reach an audience for all sorts of events than online. If planning a wedding, important things to accomplish online are creating a registry, inviting people to view it, and organizing accommodations via a unique wedding website (or consider building your own wedding website!). The attendance of a public event often relies heavily on spreading word through online registration platforms, where organizers can create an event page and share information to find the right demographic. Through online marketing and social media, events can easily reach people who are looking for events similar to theirs and brand-new fans. Use social media strategies such as creating facebook pages, creating an official event hashtag, create a content calendar and update it with posts and create a formal agreement with event partners to share information on their social media channels as well. Combining all of these online tactics will ensure your event is seen by a large audience.

Engage and interact with your audience-

Once the event is underway, the most important thing for your attendees to do is have fun! Draw your audience in by reaching out beforehand to inform everyone of an official hashtag, to start a conversation on blogs and social media, and more. For weddings, couple-specific hashtags are huge for blending people on both sides of the wedding party and sparking excitement for the future bride and groom. For corporate events, if attendees post photos and include the provided hashtag, interact with them by commenting or reposting from your own social channels. Also consider incorporating live polls throughout the event to receive direct feedback on what people are enjoying or questions they may have. Whatever you can do to spark interaction throughout the crowd will help with the tone of the entire event and promote your brand on the interwebs. Once the day has run its course, provide the attendees with an opportunity to give feedback as well, or best wishes. One of the most important elements of event planning is evaluation and it is far too often forgotten. If you want to determine how successful your event is, collect feedback from participants through online evaluation forms that can be short and anonymous to learn what people want to see more of.

A Red, Green, And Gold Holiday Tablescape With A Twist!

First off, Happy Holidays! In the spirit of all things merry & bright, we turned our warehouse dock into a mini photo studio to create a just in the ole’ Saint Nick of time tablescape.

As your family and friends gather near, we know that all you hosts & hostesses out there must be wondering if your decor is up to par. So, to get your house up to snuff you’re probably googling and searching for the latest trends (are we right?) and you’re losing your jingle bells with all the inspiration that’s out there- Pinterest we’re lookin’ at you.

The reasoning behind our mini photo-sesh is one we think everyone can sympathize with- what the mistletoe are we to do if we love everything we see on Pinterest?! Therefore, we rose merrily on high to bring to you a tablescape that combines some of the lastest trends that are sleigh riding all over the inter-webs. Design-ception.

In our tablescape we combined touches of rustic, minimalism, glam, and vintage to illustrate that you don’t have to choose! Plus, this little creative project of ours brought about the perfect opportunity to show off our newest, and boldest seating additions. Our new King Louis Chairs are just what Santa ordered for bold, and festive holiday parties- or any ole’ party really (they’re not picky). 

–Please note: no elves were harmed in the making of numerous holiday puns.

For our table setting we used rich colors, crisp whites, and glitter for a bit of glam! We believe the key to combining different styles/aesthetics is to use elements of the same color, for instance: a red china plate and cranberries in the centerpiece, a green & black plaid napkin and black king louis chairs, also gold accents and gold king louis chairs. This makes for a cohesive look!

–Check out those Heart & Hand napkin rings though <3

Special thanks to The Flower Studio for the beautiful greenery! Be sure to check out all of the products we featured by perusing these links: farm table, silver glitter charger plates, gold flatware, vintage mismatched china & mugs, vintage milk vases, hedge walls, black king louis chairs, gold king louis chairs, and take a look at our clear king louis chairs!

Trendy Vendy- Art and History Museums Maitland

This Trendy Vendy is something extra special, as we were just at this venue last night for the Landmark Wedding Showcase!

Now, we can’t say enough good things about this venue and the event staff that we get to work with- pretty much every weekend! This venue is such a hidden gem, nestled in Maitland. Between the mature trees, Mayan architecture, and artist colony heritage- this venue is a goldmine for weddings and events! You’re guests will be talking about it for a long time.

We sat down with Kelly, the Rental Manager, to chat with her about all things A&H. Check out our conversation, below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello! I’m Kelly Young and I’m the Rental Manager here at the Art and History Museums Maitland. I’m originally from the Florida Panhandle and have been working with weddings and events since 2008. I moved to Orlando to attend UCF where I obtained a degree in Art History. I’ve also worked in collections and archive fields, as well as, the resort/hospitality industry so marrying my art background and event experience has sort of been a dream come true at the A&H.

 Tell us a little bit about the history of A&H!

The A&H’s Maitland Art Center, originally known as the Research Studio, was founded in 1937 by visionary artist and architect J. André Smith. The center was originally a winter artist’s colony, dedicated to fostering an exploratory approach to modern art. The hundreds of original sculptural elements that adorn the structures were hand-carved by André Smith and his associates, and the center remains one of the few surviving examples of Mayan Revival architecture in the southeastern United States.



How many event spaces are there?

We have 4 spaces that we rent for private events!

Our Chapel and Mayan Courtyard is an outdoor venue that seats:

  • 46 ceremony style in the Chapel or 100 ceremony style in the Mayan Courtyard/ 46 reception style in the Mayan Courtyard

Our Main Garden is an outdoor venue that seats:

  • 150 guests (ceremony or reception style)

Our Germaine Marvel Building is an indoor venue that seats:

  • 150 guests reception style, and also includes our outdoor Rotary Plaza (seats additional 150 guests reception style) and Oak Tree Lawn (seats 75 guests ceremony style)
  • This venue is also a great plan B for rain!

Our Cottage at Lake Lily is an indoor venue that seats:

  •  30 guests reception style
  • Ask about the bridal suite package!

What sets you apart from other venues?

The  A&H’s Maitland Art Center is Central Florida’s only National Historic Landmark and one of 12 in the entire state that hosts private events! So you could say that we’re pretty unique! Our Chapel and Mayan Courtyard has been hosting weddings since the early 1940’s. The benefits of hosting your special day at the A&H is the longevity and history of the site. Since our grounds are free and open to the public (outside of private events of course), couples come back to see us and may have a romantic picnic in the Main Garden where they got married or take anniversary photos in the Chapel and Mayan Courtyard. There is a very special history here that just can’t be replicated anywhere else.

What can couples expect when booking with A&H?

 Our rental’s team prides itself on superior customer service! We are available for questions, by phone or email, and are happy to schedule walk thru’s of the spaces to ensure our couple’s vision comes to life. On the day of your event either myself or one of our capable event attendants will be there to make sure the venue is show ready and to assist with any questions throughout the event. Our renters have a cell phone number to call/text to get in direct contact with the event attendant should anyone need any assistance.

What advice would you give couples during the venue selection process?

My advice would be to choose a place where you can actually visualize yourself getting married. Seems easy, but there are a lot of places to choose from! Your wedding day is special and while factors such as trends, budgets,and amenities can influence your decision- ultimately I think you should feel comfortable in the space!

What’s the coolest part about getting hitched/ hosting an event at a historical art and history museum?

Other than A&H’s rich history, I think the coolest part about hosting your event here is the uniqueness! There’s simply nothing like the A&H in Central Florida, nor the entire state. Even working here, I always notice new sculptural work or little details I haven’t noticed before and I’m always impressed how couples and vendors can transform our event spaces!

Fun Facts about you:

1. I’m happily married and have a snowshoe cat named Francis.
2. I play roller derby for Orlando Roller Derby as Rosie the Ruiner #850
3.I’m a huge Disney fan and when I’m not at work, I’m probably at Magic Kingdom or Epcot.
4. When I’m not at Disney or skating, I love to read and am in a monthly book club.

Tap any image for a larger view!

Connect with A&H!

Spooky Styled-Shoot at 1010 West!

Happy Haunting!


At the beginning of the month, we had the pleasure of working with a great team of vendors for this *spooky* styled-shoot at the fab 1010 West! We’ve been saving this blog post all month and now that Halloween is around the corner, we can’t wait any longer. The inspo was “spooky + offbeat in an elevated way” – Love Like Ours Photography.  Together, this team *scared away* cheesy decorations and made sure to pick up “hitchhikng ghosts” named sophistication and romance! Get ready for more Halloween puns (can you blame us?) and more photos from this edgy shoot!



















“Ghost Hosts”

“Ghosts Who Love to Socialize!”

Featured products: Ghost chairs, Infinity chairs, Black napkins, Gold rimmed glass charger plates, Gold flatware

 Happy Halloween from the OWPR fam!

Sarah & Andy • Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts

Chic and Magical Wedding Reception!


The Fall vibes are making us feel nostalgic, so we’re throwing it back to Sarah & Andy’s wedding! They were surrounded by family and friends in the heart of Downtown Orlando, on a beautiful sunny day in March. This wedding was nothing short of classic and elegant, meets modern details!

Words from Lisa Stoner: “Sarah wanted a truly magical wedding reception and the hanging floral chandelier , floor to ceiling windows, and the luxe details absolutely delivered!”


View more photos from the Chandler • Snyder Wedding below!




























Featured products:

clear chiavari chairs, silver-rimmed charger plates, white dance floor, 72″ rounds, kings tables



Jared’s Luau Charity Event


Jared_s Luau-2646

We had the absolute honor & pleasure of being a part of a very special event- Jared’s Luau. While some of us at OWPR unfortunately didn’t get to meet Jared, his sister Rebekkah is a dear friend of ours. Jared’s Luau was founded as a tribute to Jared, as well as a chance to pay it forward- all proceeds from ticket sales and the silent auction were donated to the Serra family and The Ronald McDonald House.

“Jared loved Iron Man, and was a laid-back kid. I figured the best way to honor his memory was to celebrate his life and throw a party!” – Rebekkah

Check out photos from the event below, and slow your scroll at the end to view a video by Brandon Kari Productions!

Jared_s Luau-0001
Jared_s Luau-2699
Jared_s Luau-2676
Jared_s Luau-0043
Jared_s Luau-2636
Jared_s Luau-2651
Jared_s Luau-2670
Jared_s Luau-2652
Jared_s Luau-3043
Jared_s Luau-3544

Trendy Vendy- Dishie Rentals

For this week’s Trendy Vendy, we have the pleasure of featuring Sheena of Dishie Rentals! An NYC native who found her “heart & home in the south,” Sheena joined Dishie in 2012 but truth be told Dishie Rentals is more than a business, it’s a passion! A passion for authentic celebrations, community, and creativity. Her mission is to “encourage celebrations of life through gathering at tables beautifully curated with pieces reflective of the unique heart and character of each party host.”

Since 2012, Dishie has worked with several local vendors and has been published in numerous publications! It’s not hard to see why! Her personal story is reflected in the pieces she offers to clients, so you know you’re getting a little piece of “heart & home” in your tablescape. Read more about Sheena & Dishie Rentals, below! 







Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got your start!

Hoarding beautiful tableware is in my blood! I always remember staring at (and wanting to play with) my mom’s pretty china. I built my own collection of vintage thrifted china as an adult, but our newlywed home was too small to fit all of our gifted wedding tableware, so I donated my collection to appease my new hubby. When a friend from college shared she was looking for a new owner for her company, Dishie Rentals, a dream bloomed in my heart. We met and it was the perfect fit! And I got my collection back ten-fold!

My husband and I are passionate about building an intimate community through consistently sharing meals with others, and I believe every good celebration starts at the table! Dishie is my outward expression of my deep gratitude for every day we are given. It’s my joy to create beautiful tablescapes to help others authentically celebrate all of life’s special moments.


What services do you offer?

Dishie Rentals has a large collection of curated boho, southern, and vintage tableware available to rent for any wedding or special event. Our collection includes large quantities of vintage glassware in every color, mismatched vintage china, tea cups & settings, chargers, and modern and vintage flatware collections.

We provide delivery and washing, and also offer complimentary tablescape design and set-up services for all of our rentals. This fall we are launching Dishie Shoppe, a curated collection of Dishie faves that you can purchase and have in your very own home! My clients always ask if my inventory can go home with them so creating the Shoppe seemed like a good fit. We’re excited!

What can we find at Dishie Rentals?

Tableware Heaven! We have a capacity to serve up to 500 people with our collection of mismatched vintage china & glassware – whether you are a boho bride or Southern belle we have something for your heart’s desire!

What inspired the pieces you selected for Dishie Rentals?

Heritage & Heart. My husband once made me a special dinner and set the table using my favorite tableware, decorated it with my favorite flowers, lit my favorite candle, and served me my favorite food. Everything was perfect, the table was so pretty, and I just felt so special – I want every one of our dinner guests to feel like that. I want them to feel like out of the hundreds of people these vintage plates have served, they are the most special one.

How do you keep up with the latest wedding trends?

Dishie is all about mixing and matching, and I love adding modern, trendy pieces like flatware or chargers to our vintage collection. Our luxe rose gold flatware has beautiful modern lines and looks gorgeous next to our china.

What sets you apart from others?

My team at Dishie believes that every celebration is really just a display of gratitude towards your attendees for the special place they hold in your life. We love engaging with brides and party hosts of all budgets to uniquely help them create tables reflective of their heart and character.

What advice would you give couples during the wedding design/planning process?

I love the quote, “The heart of hospitality is when people leave your home feeling better about themselves, not better about you.”

Remember that your wedding is really the first dinner party that you and your husband get to host together! Look at your budget and decide what the most important pieces will be to help you celebrate with your guests and thank them for sharing with you in such a special moment of your lives, and then spend your money and time on that.

What’s your favorite Dishie product?

Oh my stars, don’t ask me to choose! I LOVE our vintage champagne coupe collection. I just feel like a girl at one of Jay Gatsby’s parties when I drink out of one! I am also obsessed with our luxe flatware collection. It’s so sleek and the flatware is such a nice, heavy weight.

When you’re not helping clients, what can we find you doing?

Honestly, most likely tracking Hot Wheels tire marks into my sofa alongside my toddler, or dragging said toddler and my hubby throughout Disney! #boymom #disneyfanatic

Fun Facts About You:

I have a degree in Classical Humanities (Ancient Art, Culture & Philosophy) and Nonprofit Management. On the DL, I’m working to create a give back component to my business at Dishie and couldn’t be more excited about it.


I live in Winter Garden and am pretty obsessed. I just love my little town and I think everyone else should too!


I am also obsessed with our springer-cocker spaniel mix name Lady (yes, like the movie). She mostly chases bubbles and butterflies, sleeps in the sun, and snuggles with our family – she is my spirit animal.


I saw a quote on social media recently that said “Every pizza can be a personal pizza if you just believe in yourself” and I think I’m going to make it my new mantra for life.





Connect with Dishie Rentals!

Facebook // Instagram // Website


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Unique Wedding Ideas!

Photo: Wings of Glory & Atmospheres Floral | Featured: White Pipe & Drape


Times are a-changin’ and we couldn’t be happier! We’re falling in love with unexpected as more and more couples are getting creative and including non-traditional elements into their wedding days. Here are few unique elements we’ve seen floating around the inter-webs that we’re obsessed with!

Say Yes to the Statement Dress!

Accessories: Bouquets, Jewelry, & More!

Fun Foods & Crafty Cocktails

Ceremony Back-drops

Details, Details, Details!