whitneyThis week, we are so happy to feature Tres Chic Southern Weddings as a Trendy Vendy! Whitney, owner and lead designer, is one of the most creative and hands-on planners in Central Florida. From baby topiary place holders to menu cards to color coordination and more, she definitely pays attention to detail! OWPR loves working with her as we always know everything will turn out amazing. We’ve had the pleasure of being a part of a couple inspirational photo shoots with her on board as the designer and we were stunned when we saw the final results (which you can take a peek at below). She is a joy to work with and would make sure everything was perfect!

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Q&A With Whitney

Why is it so important for a couple to hire a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding is exciting, but can be a little overwhelming for a newly engaged Bride.  Many girls grow up having an idea of the type of venue they want to be married at, their favorite colors and style of dress.  There are so many details that a newly engaged bride does not think of as she is beginning to plan her wedding.  A wedding planner ensures your wedding has an overall cohesive vision and helps you with choosing the perfect wedding team to fit your personalities and style.  We also help to negotiate all contracts to make sure you are getting the best possible services and pricing from each vendor.  On wedding day, it is important for the bride along with her friends and family to simply relax and enjoy the day leaving everything from the setup to breakdown up to your planner.

What sets Très Chic Southern apart?

We live and breathe weddings and truly get excited with every couple to help them bring all of their ideas and wedding dreams to life.  Our happiest moment is when the parents and the couple thank us on their wedding day because they are ecstatic with how their wedding vision has come to fruition and more.  I am truly touched when a mother and father of the bride come up to me with a big hug and a few tears to show how joyful they are that we were able to make their little girl’s wedding the best day of her life.

We believe the planning process should be a wonderful experience for our Brides and their Groom.  We have little fun surprises we share with them along the way to create that experience.  Planning a wedding is not just about one day, but about the stages you go through to get to that magical day, as well as creating the building blocks to establish a lasting marriage.

What advice do you tell newly engaged Brides?

Have fun and remember you are marrying the one you love!  Make sure you include family and cultural traditions in your wedding to represent the two of you.

What resources do you recommend for brides looking to gather ideas?

There are so many incredible wedding magazines and blogs out there today!  Depending on the brides wedding style, there are a few different ones I recommend.  I love Southern Weddings magazine and the incredible content that always fills the pages!  Not only do they have advice and ideas for a beautiful wedding, but also advice for creating a wonderful marriage!

How do you keep up with the latest wedding trends?

I keep up with the latest wedding trends by following all of the top wedding blogs and magazines.  I participate in the leading luxury wedding summit twice a year with the editors of nearly every wedding magazine, the leaders in the luxury wedding industry and incredible vendors from around the world sharing ideas and inspirations.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

There are so many!  Of course, I love seeing the look on the grooms face the first time he sees his bride!  My favorite part of the wedding is seeing how we can take initial ideas on paper and created a gorgeous day that truly represents the Bride & Groom.

What services do you provide for a wedding?

We are Coordinators and Planners, but we also LOVE the creative aspects of a wedding.  In 2014, we will be expanding our décor and styling services, as well as Stationary including Invitations, Programs, Menus, Place Cards and much more!

The Not Wedding Photoshoot




Kate Spade Inspired Photoshoot




Other Amazing Work Done By Whitney


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