Untitled-copy-31We are so excited to feature Florida photographer, Samantha Eckhaus, with Corner House Photography.  Based out of Central Florida, Samantha travels throughout the state photographing weddings, engagements, seniors, and families.  As a new photographer on the scene, she has quickly been picked up by many brides to photograph their special day.  In her first year alone, Samantha photographed over 60 events; 22 of which were weddings! She is also licensed and insured, so we can guarantee that not only will she be talented and take great care of you, but she will be a true professional!

Q&A with Samantha

Where did your passion for photography begin?

My passion for photography and art in general began when I was a small child.  I enjoyed sneaking off with my mom’s camera and taking a million pictures of the same subject to see different views.  Growing up, I took several years of photography and art classes in high school and college.  For over a decade, I have been photographing non-profit animal rescues and decided to expand to two legged creatures.  My love for wedding photography has only increased over the past three years in addition for my love of helping non-profits.

What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

My style, which I am continuously developing.  For me, I believe that learning never has an end.  I enjoy researching and following colleagues in my field who have different styles and focuses, which empowers me to continue developing my own.  While I am a contemporary photographer, I enjoy incorporating lifestyle photography into my weddings, engagements, and events to tell the story of the family and couple.  Candid moments that may go unnoticed are what I enjoy capturing the most and what truly tell the story of your special day.

What can your brides expect when booking photography?

To be supported, provided guidance, and to make a lifelong friend.  I can truly say that I keep in touch with all of my brides who have become close friends over the years.  Photography for me is very intimate.  There is connection you make with another who shares monumental moments with you, such as your wedding day, proposal, or welcoming a baby.

What advice do you have for your brides to be?

Enjoy your moment, because it is your moment.  Little mishaps will happen and it’s okay because you have your friends and family to help you.  Don’t let rain on your wedding day upset you; instead look at it as an omen for the newness to come as you start your lives together.

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Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower


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Family Photoshoot: Ivy & Angel


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Team Hot Dog Photoshoot


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Notable clients include:

  • Billabong Fashion Show for over 2000 Florida DECA High School Students
  • Bright Side Events Baldwin Park Doggie Derby
  • Photojournalist for the New Barker
  • Volunteer Photographer for Florida TRAC, a Non-profit 501c3 Thoroughbred Adoption Program
  • Borrowed and Blue – Preferred Vendor
  • Brides Against Breast Cancer – Preferred Vendor
  • Rustic Wedding Chic – Preferred Vendor

Notable press includes:

  • The New Barker Magazine – Multiple Print Features
  • Lake Mary Life Magazine – Pet Feature
  • Southern Bridal – Boudoir Feature
  • Style Redefine – Senior Feature
  • Wedding Thingz – Wedding Feature
  • The Knot – Two Upcoming Wedding Features
  • Occasions Online – Upcoming Engagement Feature
  • Okanagan Weddings – Upcoming Wedding Feature
  • Swan So Sweet – Upcoming Engagement Feature
  • The Learned Bride – Upcoming Engagement Feature
  • Daily Dog Tag – Upcoming Pet Feature

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